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Watch: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Posts Video of Herself Cooking on Her Gas Stove

In late November, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation that essentially bans fossil fuels in the state by the year 2040.

This week, she posted a video of herself on Twitter/X, cooking in her kitchen, and she has a gas stove. What a shock.

People noticed it immediately.

  • Sarg says:

    What a freaking bitch

  • Richard says:

    Does she really think that the voters in her state can’t get that changed with a election all they have to do is vote in a conservative governor and state legislature then that law can be reversed and there is nothing she can do about it people can keep their gas stoves and gas heaters plus the natural gas fired electric generators that produce the electricity they use in their homes it’s just like Biden trying to outlaw internal combustion cars all it is going to take is one election to change that and that one is right around the corner all of this foolishness can be stopped with a swipe of a pen

  • Orange peel says:

    The White House shown Jill Biden cooking on a gas stove! You people listen to these subhuman creatures who never do anything but make every single one of your lives miserable. But you fools still vote for this disgusting woman.

  • PatriotRWB says:

    Hypocrisy is the Left’s middle name.



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