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Watch: Frustrated Biden Scolds the Media for Reporting on the Economic Conditions

President Biden took a swipe at the media for negative coverage of the economy ahead of his holiday vacation.

Upon leaving the White House on Saturday before spending his Christmas at Camp David, Biden was asked by a reporter about his “outlook” of the economy going into 2024.

“All good. Take a look,” Biden responded.

“Start reporting it the right way,” he added with a smirk.

Biden has repeatedly been critical of the press, which he accuses of focusing more on negative news than positive things that come from his administration.

But his approval among Americans continues reaching historic lows and his handling of the economy is a heavy factor in his unpopularity.

A recent Fox News poll shows only 14% of Americans believe Biden’s economic policies have helped them while nearly half (46%) say his administration has hurt them financially.

The pessimism towards the economy crosses party lines. The Fox News poll showed a whopping 61% of Democrats joining the 93% of Republicans and 85% of independents who say the economy is in bad condition.

Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned about Biden going into the 2024 presidential election. The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows him more than two points behind former President Trump in a hypothetical rematch.

Among other factors that could negatively impact Biden include his handling of the border, the crises overseas including Ukraine and Israel, the legal woes plaguing his son Hunter and the impeachment inquiry recently launched by House Republicans.

  • joe byedum says:

    so now King Biden orders the press what to say…..oh wait, he’s been doing that his whole career.

  • Pinks says:

    It’s amazing how the media continues to ignore reality.
    Democrats are and always will be the evil within our borders. Whether it race baiting, taking away God given freedoms, starting wars, or destroying the middle class financially they must be stopped now!

  • Jakeysmom says:

    My God. Is he clueless? Rhetorical question. HIS personal economy is all good and he’s left the rest of us high and dry.

  • Dell Doe says:

    Some people in the US are pretty stupid or they are forced to support Joe to keep their jobs!

  • tg says:

    heck he thinks the economy is GREAT and the BEST ever now.. he’s a total moron



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