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Watch: Durham Shuts Down Adam Schiff in Trump-Russia Hearing

Former Special Counsel John Durham shut down a line of questioning from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., that sought to assert Donald Trump Jr. had committed a crime during a meeting in Trump Tower.

The exchange came during Durham’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Schiff referenced a Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian individuals prior to the 2016 election that the lawmaker claimed constituted a crime.

“Are you aware, Mr. Durham, that [Robert] Mueller’s and Congressional investigations also revealed that Don Jr. was informed that a Russian official was offering the Trump campaign ‘very high-level and sensitive information” that would be incriminating of Hillary Clinton…?” Schiff asked.

“Sure, people get phone calls all the time from individuals who claim to have information like that,” Durham responded.

“Really? The son of a presidential candidate gets calls all the time from a foreign government offering dirt on their opponent. Is that what you’re saying?” Schiff replied.

“I don’t think this is unique in your experience,” Durham responded.

“So you have other instances of the Russian government offering dirt on a presidential candidate to the presidential candidate’s son. Is that what you’re saying?” Schiff continued.

Durham then asked Schiff to repeat the question, and subsequently responded, “I’m saying that people can make phone calls making claims all the time. Of that, you may have experience.”

“Are you really trying to diminish the significance of what happened here, and the secret meeting that the president’s son set up in Trump Tower receiving that incriminating information?” Schiff pressed.

“I’m not trying to diminish it at all, but I think the more complete story is that they met, it was a ruse, and they didn’t talk about Mrs. Clinton,” Durham stated. “I don’t think that was a well-advised thing to do.”

“Oh, not well advised. That’s the understatement of the year. So you think it’s perfectly appropriate, or maybe just ill-advised, for a presidential campaign to secretly meet with a Russian delegation to get dirt on their opponent?” Schiff asked.

“If you’re asking would I do it, I hope I wouldn’t do it. But it’s not illegal. It was stupid, foolish, ill-advised,” Durham replied.

“Well, it is illegal to conspire to get incriminating opposition research from a hostile government that is of financial value to a campaign. Wouldn’t that violate campaign laws?” Schiff asked.

“I don’t know all those facts to be true,” Durham concluded.

The Wednesday exchange came just hours before the House was expected to move forward with the process of censuring Schiff for his actions during the Trump-Russia investigation. Republicans argue he made “false accusations” against former President Donald Trump throughout the investigation.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is expected to lead the final vote on Schiff’s censure Friday. The move requires only a simple majority.

  • ANNA P TULLY says:

    “Well, it is illegal to conspire to get incriminating opposition research from a hostile government that is of financial value to a campaign. Wouldn’t that violate campaign laws?” Schiff asked. Can we say Steele Dossier?

  • Breadwoman says:

    Durham had SO MANY opportunities there in that exchange to take EVERYTHING Schitt was saying and put it all back on Biden’s family and HIM – which is exactly WHY Schitt was ‘censured’ – for DOING exactly what Schitt has accused the Trump family of doing! The BIG Difference is that the Trump family (son) had the integrity to NOT get swindled into doing something wrong. But the Bidens and Clintons PAID OTHERS to DO something not only wrong, but illegal. Trump and his family have done NOTHING but GOOD for our Nation – and STILL are!!! They are a Blessing to us, while Biden has been nothing but a curse on us. And Schitt knows it. All Dems know it. But they are about Power over the People, NOT SERVING the People! like Trump DID. How we miss Trump! How we LONG for our Nation to be turned back around to the way it WAS under President Trump before the Lib lunatics ‘took over’ with their stupid ‘Deep State’, under cover of darkness Control of everything. But the U.S. will fight back against this demonic take-over of our Land, and the over-ruling of our very U.S. Constitution in their thirst for Power and Money that we are seeing now every day we wake up! Shame on the Dems for being behind this, and all their chicanery designed to RUIN and DESTROY the BEST country on the Planet! The American People WILL RISE UP against this exposed Tyranny of the Left, taking away our Liberties, our Justice, and our Wealth! Dems will not prevail because the sleeping Giant has awakened, and is AWAKE, but not ‘woke’ to the ‘dreams’ of evil men conspiring in the Darkness with the devil himself. That’s what’s going on. That’s what we’re up against. Good for Durham for not letting the likes of shifty Schitt get HIS way. We are better than this. It’s time we put American History BACK into our Schools, AND the Bible!

  • David says:

    America will be lost and no more because stupid people vote democrat, America
    has millions of stupid people who will never
    figure out that they sacrifice their own
    well being and prosperity at the alter of the
    commie Marxist democrat.

  • Judith M Johnson says:

    Living with all those manufactured “facts” about Trump has put years on the congressman from Cali. He is getting as senile as the turd in the WH. Is that the new qualification for being a liberal in office…lying about the opposition with outrageous ‘facts’ that don’t hold water and being smug when getting caught in their web of lies? They are all so good at it, but it does age all of them.

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