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Watch: Did Jill Biden Just Kiss Kamala’s Husband on the Lips?

First lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff shared a kiss ahead of President Biden’s second State of the Union address Tuesday evening at the national Capitol.

The moment immediately went viral on Twitter.

Biden is expected to tout the progress made under his administration in his speech, specifically with regard to the economy and COVID-19.

“The story of America is a story of progress and resilience…We are the only country that has emerged from every crisis stronger than when we entered it. That is what we are doing again,” Biden is expected to say, according to prepared remarks.


Best reactions on Twitter:

“Well Kamala slept with a married man so this is KARMA.”

“I am happy people find some entertainment in this circus.”

“It’s Covid protocol.”

“Open Borders mean also Open Marriage?”

“Joe won’t remember any way.”

  • Susan says:

    Will cackling Kamala find the “root cause” for her husband kissing Jill on the lips? Nah, she like school busses!

  • X Republican says:

    So McCarthy are you convinced obiden not planning on dropping one item of spending in fact he wants more money and he wants the debt ceiling raised because he lied to your Mr idiot face you got nowhere with-is guy he lied to your face again and again raising the debt ceiling will not help Americans one bit and he doesn’t care his bbb was all a lie to destroy this country when he took office the cheaters way the economy was booming but with 1 week of HIM being in office he destroyed over 11,000 jobs and caused gas price rise drastically he wants the house to keep giving him money we the people don’t have and he’s planning on stealing every citizens bank & savings accounts with executive order 14067 commie joe is playing you McCarthy and your letting him steal more if you refuse to impeach this traitorous criminal you also need to resign maybe if I put it in language your can understand it will help I don’t usually use this language but I have no choice if this motherf**ker touches one dime of my or my families hard earned money and every citizens money and you do nothing you need to resign this man is a disgrace, a liar, a thief and a criminal! FJB! Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Will says:

    He grabbed her hand. I guarantee these two have been smooching for quite a while. Joe can’t get it up, with is no surprise, because he forgets to change his diaper. And I think she was just reaching out, she has a history of that, and it seems to run in the family.

  • J says:

    some 1 needs to look in to Biden 1st wife Crash….they said right away the truck driver was Drunk….That Guys Family said He never Drank or smoked Church every Sunday…..



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