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WATCH: Delta Employee Gets Accused of ‘Misgendering,’ and He’s Having None of It

The video in question was taken at LaGuardia International Airport in New York City. It opens with a gruff-sounding man accusing a (real) female of “misgendering” him by addressing him with male pronouns. That’s when the agent behind the counter gets involved.


TRANSGENDER PERSON: And what about when a Delta employee misgenders you intentionally?

AGENT: I’m so sorry mam (addressing someone else), while he’s talking, you’re talking over she, him.

TRANSGENDER PERSON: You just misgendered me again, multiple times, both of you have.

AGENT: It wasn’t intentional, but if you want to take it personally, that’s also okay.

TRANSGENDER PERSON: Well, she did do it intentionally, twice.

WOMAN: I did not do it intentionally.

AGENT: You’re talking to me too.

TRANSGENDER PERSON: You said she and then you said he.

AGENT: You’re being condescending, and if you want to continue, I have full authority to escort you out of the building if you want to play that game with me. Would you like to continue three days before Christmas. I really don’t mind?

TRANSGENDER PERSON: I’m good, I’ll just put this on.

Think about how absurd this situation is. We are now at a place our society where it’s actually worthy of praise when someone reinforces normalcy. Every second of every day, modern culture shoves the most insane ideas down the throats of unsuspecting people who just want to go about their daily lives without being hassled. That includes demanding that they somehow be able to tell what “pronouns” a delusional man dressed as a woman wants to be addressed by.

How about we just go back to using common sense? A man can’t become a women anymore than a duck can become a grizzly bear. Whatever fantasies a person wants to try to live out in regarding their “gender,” they were welcome to do it (as long as they are adults), but no matter what they do, the truth of the situation remains. Expecting normal people to bear the burden of having to constantly affirm falsehoods surrounding transgenderism so as not to be labeled bigots is not only silly, it’s abusive.

A gate agent at an airport is there to get the plane loaded safely. He’s not there to take lip from a guy snarking about how he’s being “misgendered.” It’s heartening to see that there are some people still out there with the guts to say enough, even if they begin by trying to be nice. Unforutnately, I suspect this employee will end up being disciplined given how woke the major airlines are. He shouldn’t be, though. Rather, he should be celebrated.

  • George Robert French says:

    If their confused about “whom” they is, than, I, “Me” am confused whom “it” is. To ALL WOKE and Transgender’s, GO BACK TO SLEEP or GO BACK into the CLOSET and LOCK the DOOR

  • kcsparky says:

    Brain dead, Chowderheaded Liberals who aren’t smart enough to know what they really are. This is a mental defect and disease!!

  • jabt says:

    How about wearing a frigging sign around your stupid neck announcing what type of idiot you prefer to be on any given day. The world cannot read your mind!!! This crap makes me furious!



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