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Watch: Crowd Boos Hannity During Trump Town Hall, Chants ‘We Love Trump’

The crowd at the Fox News Thursday night town hall featuring President Donald Trump wasn’t having it when host Sean Hannity asked him about the idea that he should “tone it down” when appealing to moderate voters.

Boos erupted before Hannity could finish his question, causing him to ask the audience to “leave me alone.”


A separate clip from the event shows the crowd chanting its support for the president. “We love Trump!” they cried in unison, a deafening rejoinder against the idea that President Trump should be less of a pugilist when confronting his enemies in the media and on the campaign trail.


Answering Hannity’s question, Trump repeated stories of his campaign being “spied on” and constantly remaining “under siege” after taking office.

“If I wasn’t tough I wouldn’t be here right now, I guarantee you that. If I didn’t fight back, I wouldn’t be here… We need courage in this country or we’re going to lose our country,” said Trump.

The former president’s decision to sit down with Fox News represents a fence-mending of sorts for both sides, with President Trump looking past the network’s decision to “soft ban” him from appearances following the 2020 election while Fox seeks to capitalize on his spotlight in the face of dismal ratings.

Following the surprise firing of primetime host Tucker Carlson the network has rejiggered its lineup in an attempt to bring back conservative viewers who have soured on the network in favor of alternative conservative news sources. However, Fox remains a potent outlet for visibility among Republicans, something President Trump is counting on during the Republican primary.

Fox in August will play host to the first debate on the Republican National Committee’s calendar, a must-see event that pits the former president against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a slew of other declared candidates seeking to stop Trump’s ascent in the polls.

  • Klut says:

    Fox News has become a microcosm of the Biden administration, both being run by incompetent, Trump-hating hacks. Fox is making as many trip-ups and taking as many falls as Biden does.

  • Understand their game says:

    Well Piss all over Trump. He chose the wrong POS NETWORK TO GO BELLY UP ON. ESPECIALLY WHEN NEWS MAX and RAV. Has covered his dumb ass all the way. Fk it I’m voting for Kennedy. He ain’t perfect , but Trump ain’t Either. Watch Kennedys Poll numbers go up this July. He deserves the spot anyway. The government screwed his family over with Murder. Time to give him a shot a running the Company. Don’t give A damn if he is a Democrat. He has morals too. The Whole damn bunch are criminals. Don’t think it really matters if the Country tanks anyway. Too many tax thieves to deal with. Votes don’t matter anyway. Dems got the election in the bag. They bought every immigrant from here to Bumfkt Egypt. Including Chinese misfits. Got plenty of taxpayer paid votes now. They gota secure the NEW WORLD ORDER SO THEY CAN INFLICT ATROCITYS ON THEM AND THE REST OF AMERICANS. WOULDNT WANT TO SCREW UP BIDENS COMPETION WITH HIS GREASY SNAKE XI JIN PING NOW WOULD WE. HUNTER WILL BE BRINGIN DADDY JOE PLENTY OF IRS FREE CASH PRETTY SOON AGAIN. I LOOK FOR HIM TO AT LEAST BRING IN 30% FOR THE BIG GUY… AUDIOS AMERCANOS. OFF TO OBLIVION WE GO. FKN AMERICAN TREASONIST. Ah hell don’t need to vote anyway. Let the illegal trash vote. Make them use those dollars Biden stole from us. You can’t Trust Trump, He is a Rhino too. Musta Paled up With Rupert I suppose. Looks like that’s exactly what he done. Now do dumb asses still love Trump now that he showed you those True Colors? Down vote me and prove you got sucked in by politics…LOL suckers to the hilt.

  • CeeferJay6 says:

    President Trump is 100% right!
    He could have been the nicest, friendliest, most easy going guy in Washington….and STILL the media would have gone after him. They HATED the fact Hillary Clinton lost and they were never going to give Trump a fair deal. No matter how much he tried.
    The Trump I saw only ever attacked AFTER he was attacked first.
    I give him kudos for being so strong against the unrelenting attacks for 4 years!

  • Marilu says:

    I watched the Town Hall with President Trump and Hanniity. The comment ‘Leave me a lone’ by Sean was a joke, it wasn’t said the way you make it sound. The ‘boo’ from the audience was in the same vein … don’t make it something that it wasn’t.

  • LP says:

    If fox wants to go down the path they are taking fine, there are options to get news and information. But leaving fox is only part of the story. Patriots, conservatives, christians and anyone who loves this country and the constitution must also stop watching ABC, NBC, CBS, the NBA, NFL, MLB, ESPN. The same goes for stop supporting Disney and Hollywood movies. Until the people who love this country do this nothing will change. I know sacrifices are hard but look where we are as a country and what the alternative outcome will be.

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