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Watch: Catholic Nun Tackles Far-Left Protester Trying to Disrupt Construction of Chapel

Sister of no mercy!

A Catholic nun in France went viral on social media on Tuesday after she was captured on video tackling a far-Left climate protester who was allegedly trying to disrupt the construction of a chapel.

The Times reported that the rugby-style tackle happened over the weekend as green campaigners were trying to block “the construction of a chapel and residential centre by the Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame (Missionary Family of Our Lady) in the southern Ardèche département.”

The Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame (FMND) had warned the protesters in a statement that it had “total determination to continue the work legally and to assert its rights.”

The protester is seen running through the construction site with two cylindric tubes that were presumably construction materials.

The nun sprints into the frame seemingly out of nowhere and tackles the protester into the dirt.

The protester dropped the tubes when he was tackled, and another man, presumably a protester, started stomping on the tubes, shattering them into pieces.

France 3 said that nuns had arrived on Friday night in anticipation of the environmental protesters and fortified themselves to protect the construction site.

The nun was widely praised on social media as a hero, and many made jokes about wanting to recruit the nun to play on their favorite sports teams.


  • DeniseRS says:

    Who in there right mind would mess with a Catholic Nun. I’m surprised she didn’t get the ruler out and beat the crap out of him.

  • Laurie says:

    Well, she’s kind of a bad ass, isn’t she? Great story!

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