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Watch: California Residents Being Swept Away as Massive Waves Pummel Coastline

A series of storms has created a violent surf that’s forced some California residents along the coastline to be issued orders to evacuate. These aren’t little swells, either. We’re talking hurricane storm surge levels. These waves have been slamming the California coast all week, with some waves reaching 40 feet.

The National Weather Service claims that things should begin to settle down on Monday. In Ventura, California, some residents were forced to run for their lives as rogue waves breached the storm walls, sending bystanders tumbling. Eight people were reported injured (via USA Today):

Videos out of Ventura, California captured the moment a rogue wave jumped over a seawall Thursday, sweeping aside the cars and people in its path.

Ventura isn’t the only place experiencing tumultuous coasts. The National Weather Service has issued surf and flooding advisories along the California coast and in Hawaii.

A video from Ventura officials opens on a seemingly tranquil scene. People are scattered along the seawall, leaning against it and watching the rolling waves in the distance.

Suddenly, people start to back away from the wall moments before a wave spikes up in front of them. As it crashes down into the street, many of the people running get their feet knocked out from under them and a truck seems to skip forward in the waves.


The Ventura County Fire Department was called to the scene of the wave shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday.

“It ended up being a total of eight patients due to surf that came over the wall and flooded the streets,” Ventura County Fire Capt. Brian McGrath said. The injured were taken to the nearby hospitals.

As communities stacked sandbags and prepared as best they could, other localities were issued evacuation orders (via The Guardian):

California’s coastal communities, already battered by powerful swells from Pacific storms on Friday, faced another round of towering waves and possible flooding on Saturday.

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles forecast significant flooding in low-lying coastal areas with powerful waves and strong rip currents posing an “exceptional risk” of drowning and damage to structures like piers and jetties.

Officials in Ventura county in southern California sent out an evacuation warning on Saturday for homes along the Pacific Coast highway as waves as high as 20ft (7 metres) were predicted to wreak havoc up and down the shoreline. The Ventura county fire department said area beaches remained closed.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, forecasters said a coastal flood warning and a high surf warning would remain in effect into early Saturday afternoon. Breaking waves of 26-30ft were expected along west-facing beaches along the central and northern California coastline, it said.


The Los Angeles-area weather office stated that powerful cyclones over northern Pacific waters were sending 12-17ft (3.6-5-metre) swells, creating “tremendous wave energy across coastal waters”.

“Overall, this is expected to be an exceptional high-surf and coastal flooding event that has not occurred in many years,” the weather service said. “Take caution and heed the direction of local authorities and lifeguards. Never ever turn your back to the water as damaging and life-threatening sneaker waves are likely to occur.”

  • T says:

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  • Rudog says:

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