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Watch: Bill Maher Mocks Ivy League Schools for ‘Indoctrination’ and Anti-Israel Hate

HBO host Bill Maher skewered America’s Ivy League universities Friday night, accusing them of being hotbeds of “indoctrination” after many student groups have been hammering Israel in the wake of Hamas’ deadly attack against that country.

Citing antisemitic rallies and statements cropping up in academia following the attack, the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host advised that young people should avoid attending these schools.

At the outset of the segment, Maher stated, “As an Ivy League graduate who knows the value of a liberal education, I have one piece of advice for the youth of America: Don’t go to college.”

Showing images of Pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel demonstrations at Harvard University, the comedian continued, “And if you absolutely have to go, don’t go to an elite college, because as recent events have shown, it just makes you stupid.”

Maher stated that the tragedy in Israel revealed “how higher education has become indoctrination into a stew of bad ideas, among them the simplistic notion that the world is a binary place where everyone is either an oppressor or oppressed, in the case of Israel, oppressors being babies and bubbes.”

The host was referring to Palestinian supporters on these campuses that have insisted that the Hamas attack was Israel’s fault for oppressing Palestinians.

Finding a double standard of many elite college students on this issue, he said, “The same students who will tell you that words are violence and silence is violence, were very supportive when Hamas terrorists went on a rape and murder rampage worthy of the Vikings.”

“They knew where to point the finger, at the murdered, and then it was off to ethics class,” he quipped with a sarcastic smile.

During a previous episode of his HBO late night show, Maher took issue with media people and others insisting there is a “moral equivalency” between Israel and the Palestinian people in their ongoing conflict, even in the wake of the Oct. 7th attack.

At the time he said, “I think the Israelis have always had the moral high ground and I think they still do.” He did urge the Jewish state to keep the moral high ground in its response to the Hamas attack, advising them to not go to kill Palestinian babies.

During his Ivy League takedown, Friday, Maher targeted pro-Palestine student groups at Harvard, stating, “34 student groups a Harvard signed a letter that said the apartheid regime is the only one to blame, proving they don’t know what constitutes apartheid.”

“They don’t know much of anything actually, but it doesn’t deter them from having an opinion,” he continued, adding, “They’ve convinced themselves Israel is the most repressive regime in history because they have no knowledge of history or even a desire to know it. And actual history doesn’t come up in their intersectionality of politics and genderqueers identities class.”

Elsewhere in the segment he attacked higher learning institutions in general, stating, “Because college life today is a day spa combined with North Korean re-education camp. It’s a daycare center with a meal plan, except the toddlers can fire the adults.”

He also quipped, “If ignorance is a disease, Harvard Yard is the Wuhan wet market.”

Fox News Digital reached out to representatives from Harvard for comment. This article will be updated with any reply.

Harvard President Claudine Gay released a video statement last week saying, “People have asked me where we stand. So let me be clear. Our university rejects terrorism. That includes the barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Hamas. Our university rejects hate. Hate of Jews. Hate of Muslims. Hate of any group of people based on their faith, their national origin, or any aspect of their identity. Our University rejects the harassment or intimidation of individuals based on their beliefs.”

  • They should see span all classrooms from kindergarten up and see what is being taught to your children this far left agenda in schools has been going on for decades that’s why we’re seeing what we’re seeing on the campuses nowadays pure propaganda and brainwashing going on in schools needs to be stopped the system is broken

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