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Watch: Biden Almost Trips Up the Short Stairs Again as He Heads to Wisconsin

81-year-old Joe Biden on Monday nearly tripped up the short staircase again as he headed to Madison, Wisconsin.

Biden will deliver remarks at Madison College Truax Campus on his so-called plans to lower costs for Americans.

More than three years into Biden’s presidency and Americans are still suffering from crushing inflation.

Biden’s tax-and-spend policies have destroyed the middle class. Grocery prices are up nearly 20%. Energy and gas prices are soaring.

Biden will announce his new sweeping student loan bailout plan on Monday.

Joe Biden shuffled over the shorter staircase. He tripped as he headed up the stairs.


Biden caught himself this time and avoided falling flat on his face.

His handlers are doing everything to make sure he doesn’t fall down.

It was recently revealed Biden is sporting ‘boat anchor’ shoes for maximum stability so he doesn’t fall on his face.

Three years ago Joe Biden fell hard three times going up the stairs on Air Force One.


  • NinaG says:

    Too bad he hasn’t fallen and broken his crooked neck!



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