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Hollywood Reporter Sam Rubin Dies Suddenly at 64

Sam Rubin, a beloved entertainment anchor and reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles who was on a first-name basis with Hollywood’s top stars, has died. He was 64.

The station announced that he died unexpectedly on Friday. No cause was released.

Rubin joined the station’s morning news team in 1991. He conducted upbeat live interviews with actors and musicians from behind the anchor desk and was a mainstay at premiere red carpets and movie junkets.

His final interview was with Jane Seymour on Thursday.

Seymour joined Tom Hanks, Viola Davis, Ben Stiller, Guillermo del Toro, Kiefer Sutherland, Octavia Spencer and other Hollywood figures in mourning Rubin on social media.

“Even if I was on my 85th interview that day, I was always happy to see Sam. Even if HE was on his 85th interview that day, he always brought genuine kindness, curiosity and an outside the box question,” Ryan Reynolds posted on X.

“There was no one more enthusiastic about his job than Sam Rubin. I’ve known Sam for most of my career, and he had a light in his eyes every early morning as he started his daily work,” Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on Instagram.

Born in San Diego, Rubin graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles. He earned multiple honors from local news journalism groups, including a lifetime achievement award from the Southern California Broadcasters Association.

Rubin is survived by his wife, Leslie, and four children.

  • You know it is sad that he is gone at an early age I hate the way this was written It is to make us believe that you are special if you talk to these morons in Idiotwood Most of them are the scum of the Earth I am not saying everyone but a great percentage I think a lot of it is coming to light with Nick and the one out now about Kevin Spacey Look at John Travolta’s actions toward a 12 year old boy in a bathroom There are all kinds of stories So please don’t tie this many to them I think he deserves better

    • Zmb Grrl says:

      I also have a first-hand account of Travolta hanging with a bunch of Coast Guard guys many many years ago in Florida, after being in the same movie theater with them (where he stood up in the back, no less). He chatted them up after the movie, and went back to where they were staying. At one point, he went into a room with one of them for a “massage.” And they list Tom Hanks in the article as giving his condolences — Mr. Epstein Island who, with his wife, obtained Greek citizenship “just in case.” Hollyweird for sure.

  • I’ll bet you he was vaccinated another clot shot victim they’re dropping like flies just about every day you hear about somebody dying suddenly unexpectedly at a young age blood clots or heart issues so glad I didn’t take the shot

    • Brad Pit says:

      Definitely a result of Hollywood’s required Clot Shot..I’ve turned down acting jobs because I had to be vaccinated for work. I’ll starve for 1 month, to live a lifetime.

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  • wjr56 says:

    The vax has taken a heavy toll.



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