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Video: Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Girl at Oregon Middle School

Women’s rights activist and former collegiate champion swimmer Riley Gaines uncovered video Thursday showing a trans male student viciously assaulting a helpless girl at school while fellow students filmed the assault instead of coming to the victim’s aid.

The incident occurred last week at Hazlebrook Middle School, which is located in Tualatin, Oregon, a southwestern suburb of Portland.

In the video, one can see the trans student sneak up behind the girl and throw her to the ground. He proceeds to yank the girl around by the hair before hitting her several times in the head and shoulders.

He can be heard saying “that’s what you get b*tch,” before landing the final blow and walking away.

The girl grabs her purse and slowly gets up. She turns to a cell phone camera and says “he hit me, he hit me” while sobbing.

At no time did the students bother to lend a hand, leading Gaines to suspect the whole assault was planned in advance.


Reduxx Magazine says they spoke with the school directly and confirmed the assault happened last week. An investigation is underway.

Gaines also revealed the deranged student previously attacked two other girls. She demanded the school board be “sued into oblivion.”

It gets even worse, though. The Tigard-Tualatin School District (which includes Hazlebrook) fully embraces the woke and dangerous policy allowing male and female students to share the same bathrooms. Recall that in Loudoun County, Virginia a transgender (biological male) student sexually assaulted two female students, both which occurred in girl’s bathroom. These were later covered up by Loudoun County Schools.

The Tualatin Police Department also says they are aware of the brutal attack. They will not comment further on the incident, however.

  • Larry Jones says:

    One, there is no such thing as a trans adolescent. It is strictly a cry for attention. Two, observing the way the punk hits, that is how a MALE hits. Oregon needs to get its act together. Never happen.



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