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Video Shows Sen. Rand Paul’s Staffer Being Brutally Stabbed in D.C.

Video footage of Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer being brutally stabbed in Washington, D.C., in March was released on Tuesday.

The Washington Post released footage of the staffer, Phillip Todd, being attacked. A suspect was identified as Glynn Neal. He had apparently just been released from federal prison before allegedly stabbing Todd, and reportedly has a long history of serious crimes, according to Virginians 4 Safe Communities.

Todd’s parents said he was “randomly and brutally attacked” and that the man tried to kill him. After the attack, they mentioned a friend of his son, who can be seen in the video, prevented the wounds from being fatal and that Todd has a fracture on his skull after.

In the video, the suspect can be seen charging Todd and you can hear a voice saying, “what the fuck.”

As Todd’s friend tries to help him, you can hear someone say, “go away, go away.”

“As the parents of Phillip Todd, we would like to give an update on our son’s condition, which will hopefully answer many of the questions we’ve received. In return, we ask to respect our privacy and the privacy of our extended family so that we can focus on our son’s recovery,” the parents said in a March statement.

“He was randomly and brutally attacked by a person armed with a knife, who, according to the police report, attempted to kill him. The intervention of our son’s friend helped prevent the wounds from being fatal. Our son is in a stable condition, having undergone trauma surgery to address the wounds in his body. He also has a fracture on his skull, which will be treated with non-invasive neurosurgery. He is expected to make a full recovery due to his young age and good health. Our son and our family draw strength from our faith to see us through this challenging time. Phillip is conscious and alert and has repeatedly stated, ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength’ (Nehemiah 8:10),” they continued.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, has sent invitations to D.C. officials, calling on them to testify on “general oversight” of the nation’s capital, including crime, safety, and city management as crime continues to spike throughout the city.

  • mickey says:

    This country is lost if we don’t stand up to what is happening! Nothing else makes sense. No one is going to save us but we the people.



  • Rose says:

    I’m sure this was set up, just like Rand Paul’s office on Kentucky. Too suspicious! Where are the Clinton’s and Obama’s?

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