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US General Dies in Plane Crash

A U.S. general died in a plane crash near Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland on July 25, Defense News reported Friday.

Maj. Gen. Anthony Potts, 59, a longtime Army acquisitions officer and aviator, was the only person on board the single-engine Piper PA-28 when it went down in a field and died at the scene, Defense News reported, citing the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and local media reports.

Potts, who boasted nearly four decades of service and most recently led the Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical, or PEO C3T, had planned to retire soon, according to the outlet.

The National Transportation Security Bureau said it is investigating the matter in a statement on July 25.

Dozens of first responders rushed to the field just off 3600 Old Level Road in Havre de Grace, Maryland, the Level Volunteer Fire Company said, according to Defense News. No one else was hurt.

In his last posting, Potts was tasked with overseeing all battlefield communications gear from development to deployment and maintenance, his bio shows. He previously helmed PEO Soldier, the program involving conventional equipment like uniforms, body armor, night-vision devices and guns.

Both roles were essential to protecting U.S. troops in the fight and modernizing Army tactics, according to Defense News.

“He understands the modernization instrument and how it runs,” Maj. Gen. Robert Collins, who led PEO C3T prior to Potts, said of the general in June 2022. “And he certainly understands that the centerpiece of our modernization is our soldiers.”

  • Rudog says:

    yeh….def won’t rule Out the killer VAXX…right on the timeline …

  • Willie Lee says:

    Foul play? Anything is suspicious with this admin. CCP knocking him off since he’s so knowledgable? We’re conditioned now to not call things into question by the media and this admin. If we don’t turn around we won’t have ANY freedom of speech.

  • Jane says:

    NTSB NEEDS to investigate and provide the Family, Military and Public the Facts.

  • Stewart says:

    He must have opposed the tranny-ization of the military..

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