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UPDATE: Twitter Suspends Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz for ‘Prior Doxxing Action’

Twitter has suspended the account of Washington Post activist Taylor Lorenz, who is known for doxing Chaya Raichik, who operates the Libs of TikTok account. No reason has yet been given for her suspension.

Lorenz became the subject of controversy after she exposed Raichik’s identity and residence as part of a hit piece on the Libs of TikTok account due to its exposure of medical clinics that perform “gender-affirming care” on minor children. Lorenz, as well as other progressives, accused Raichik of promoting violence against the transgender community and medical professionals who perform questionable surgical treatments on children.

The media activist had recently scrubbed her Twitter account, and there were only three tweets visible on her account at the time of her suspension.

In her most recent tweet, Lorenz was asking Twitter CEO Elon Musk for comment on a story related to his decision to suspend seven other media activists for revealing his real-time location on the platform. He has since restored their accounts. She took to TikTok to inform her audience about her suspension.

The activist also wrote an article on her Substack in which she explained that she “only had three tweets live on my account when it was banned” and that fellow media activist Drew Harwell, who was also suspended, was “working on a story involving Musk.”

Lorenz noted that when she logged into Twitter to see if Musk had responded, she discovered she had been suspended and had received “zero communication from the company on why I was suspended or what terms I violated.”

She continued: “Twitter has served as an essential real time news source and played a crucial role in the journalism world, but Musk’s arbitrary suspensions of journalist’s who report on him should worry anyone who values free speech and expression.”

This move comes after the row between Musk and members of the activist media over their revealing his location. He banned their accounts after an incident in which a stalker menaced a vehicle carrying his 2-year-old son.

While he has not yet revealed the reason for Lorenz’s suspension, it probably will not be long before he gives an explanation.

UPDATE: Musk has now identified the reason for Lorenz’s suspension, noting it was for “prior doxxing action” by Lorenz’s account and “will be lifted shortly”:

  • Cheryl says:

    Taylor Lorenz knows what she did. She is playing stupid. Hypocritical leftist.

  • Gio says:

    I dont understand how these libs can just go doxx others and not being held accountable for it. She is just doing whatever the heck she wants and no one does a thing about it

  • Spencer says:

    Hope the bitch is current on her death jabs.

  • Spirit on the Wind says:

    I think Elon Musk should permanently ban these leftist haters who call themselves journalists their a bunch of wanna be hacks they would know real journalism if it was written in their face snd this but biatch Lorenz the cry baby got what she deserved but permanently she’s a hack anyway!

  • Smokey Joe says:

    Who? Why is the richest man in the world giving this nobody the oxygen needed to grovel out the tiny morsel of attention that she lives for? So she can continue to try and destroy others? I think he likes playing with his new multi-billion dollar toy a great deal.



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