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UPDATE: Bongino Responds to Politico’s Coverage of Him Getting ‘Thrown Out’ of Restaurant

Conservative podcast host Dan Bongino hit back at Politico over its coverage of him getting “forcibly removed” from a club Friday night during his Monday podcast.

Bongino disputed a Politico Playbook item reporting that several restaurant employees “forcibly removed” him from the Cucina Palm Beach around midnight. The host said he was at the “social club” to celebrate a female friend’s birthday, and he witnessed a man “dragging” his wife, Paula, out of the place in a “bear hug.” Bongino then screamed at the man in order to “defend” his wife, and later left the club, the host recalled.

The podcast host went on to say that he told Politico reporter Daniel Lippman he would address the issue on his podcast, but the reporter published the story anyways.

“I’m not gonna give this guy the story because he’s from bullshit-ico or known as Politico and all they do is lie. So I said you can wait, I’ll tell the story on my show and I got a few minutes on my show and you can hear what actually happened,” Bongino said on “The Dan Bongino Show.”

“Of course, he couldn’t wait. Lippman, or whatever his name is. I’ve seen this guy on Newsmax, he’s kind of a tool. I mean, really, he comes off as kind of a goofball. But at Politico, Sunday morning, ‘spotted media personality, former Fox News host Dan Bongino getting forcibly removed from Cucina Palm Beach.’ Forcibly removed. So now the story is set that I was ‘forcibly,’ now keep in mind, none of this is actually true.”

“Folks, it’s not what happened. It’s not what happened at all. I was not thrown out. And I’m really praying that some video of this surfaces in the next few days, there will be a lot of deleted tweets I’m sure afterwards. I’ve got to take some actions afterwards,” he continued.

Lippman reported in the Sunday piece that Bongino told him he was standing up to “violence against women.” Bongino told the reporter he was defending his wife against “physical violence” and told him to listen to his podcast “for the real story.”

“That’s an absolutely FASCINATING take on what really happened,” he reportedly told Politico. “Does Politico support physical violence against women? You’ll have to tune in to my podcast on Monday for the real story.

Politico published a photograph taken Friday night which shows several people surrounding Bongino near the entrance of the building.

  • m says:

    Can’t wait for the war to start….All these communists need to get the hell out!

  • Beth says:

    Is your gorgeous wife Paula ok?

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