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UN Vote: Here Are the 7 Countries That Didn’t Support Russia’s Withdrawal

On Thursday, Israel joined 140 other UN member states voting in favor of a nonbinding resolution that calls for Russia to end hostilities in Ukraine and withdraw its forces. “For the past year, Israel has stood alongside the people of Ukraine in solidarity both on the ground and here in the UN,” Tel Aviv’s UN envoy Gilad Erdan said following the vote.

The resolution, drafted by Ukraine in consultation with its western allies, passed 141-7, with 32 abstentions. Belarus, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, and Mali were the only member states to vote against the resolution.

Israel’s condemnation of Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territory happened just one day after Israeli occupation troops killed 11 Palestinians and injured over 100 in the West Bank city of Nablus and just hours after Israeli jets bombed a residential area in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this week, the US succeeded in stopping a vote at the UN Security Council against the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, with the help of the UAE and the Palestinian Authority (given the PA withdrew the bill under pressure).

In 2022 Israel was the target of more UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolutions than every other country combined.

India, representing one of the largest populations, explained its abstention as follows:

Moreover, from 2006 through 2022, the UN Human Rights Council adopted 99 resolutions against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territory and the crimes committed against Palestinian civilians living under apartheid.

A day ahead of the UN vote against Russia, Venezuelan Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Joaquín Pérez Ayestarán, said that all countries without exception “must stringently comply with the United Nations Charter,” in a veiled dig at the US and its allies, who have historically violated the charter with total impunity.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine a year ago, Israel has tried to stay on Moscow’s good side due to their military cooperation in Syria. However, in recent months Kiev and Washington have turned up the pressure on Tel Aviv to align with its western sponsors.

  • Michael T says:

    The UN is a sick joke. The US should stop paying anything to fund it, and condemn the UN building.

  • Ozzy says:

    I urge Truthpress to go to Israel and investigate the claims about IDF’s attack in “palestine”. In fact it’s muslims that is occupying portions of Israel, not the other way around. How long is “palestine” going to be a refugee camp? IT HAVE NEVER BEEN A REFUGEE CAMP! The only thing the “palestinian government” have ever done is wage wars on Israel because they want, just as Hitler, to eradicate the Jewish people! If you look at the numbers of palestinians from 1948 to 1980, it’s amazing they have become over 5.000.000 from about 1.000.000 people in 1980, how is that even possible in 32 years????? Have they really been able to procreate this fast when close to a third of the population have being killed between 1967-2022??? This on a growth rate of 5%?????
    In 1955 there were about 987.000 palestinians, now 5.500.000? How could they have had time to procreate at this rate in 60 years??? No way all of them are true palestinians!
    Something is just not adding up!
    Life expectancy 74.8 years…….
    Newborn child mortality 15.8/1000……..
    Death under 5 years old 18,3/1000…….
    It just don’t add up!
    Also if you look at the migrant numbers, they are the same every year since 2016, 10.563 people….are these from terror cells sent by Abbas??
    Just go to worldometer and you too will see that the numbers just don’t add up!

    • Ozzy says:

      Correction: The population doubled from 1 mill to 2 mill in 30 years (1960-1990)
      From 2,1 mill to 5,1 mill from 1990 till 2020???? When you add up all the dead “warriors” of free palestine this just don’t add up!
      The numbers will never add up!

  • John says:

    I guess if there’s any real non-antichrist government left on this destroyed planet at least a known the first seven countries to send nukes to



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