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U.S. Military “Fully Prepared” to Cross Into Ukraine at a Moment’s Notice

U.S. military forces are “fully prepared” to cross into Ukraine at a moment’s notice to fight a war against Russia.

The Army’s 101st Airborne Division, which boasts the “Screaming Eagles” moniker, has been deployed to Europe for the first time since World War II, practicing with live tank and artillery rounds not far from the Black Sea, across which Russia has taken territory from Ukraine, including Crimea, at a forward operating site on NATO’s eastern flank, according to CBS News.

Brig. Gen. John Lubas, the division’s deputy commander, stressed this is “not a training deployment” but rather a “combat deployment” from which his forces “need to be ready to fight tonight, depending on how the situation escalates across the border.”

Col. Edwin Matthaidess, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, told the news outlet these troops are the closest U.S. unit to the fighting in Ukraine, still raging more than seven months into Russia’s full-scale invasion began. “It keeps us on our toes,” he said.

The roughly 4,700 soldiers from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, are about three miles away from Romania’s border with Ukraine, conducting joint ground and air assault exercises with Romanian forces meant to simulate battles that Ukrainian forces are waging against Russian invaders.

“It’s not just about defending NATO territory,” Charlie D’Agata, senior foreign correspondent for CBS News, said in one report from an air base in Romania. “If the fight escalates, and NATO partners are under threat, they’re fully prepared to cross over into Ukrainian territory if ordered to do so.”

  • RM says:

    This rotten Marxist group of people in the White House are just itching to get into a war what we have is a bunch of warmongers idiots, these Progressives want to start WW111 it’s always the Socialists that start wars for America. We have got to take back The House of Representatives and put an end to these madmen and women socialists in fact if we are to survive in this country the Progressive Democratic Socialist Party has to be disbanded forever these are evil people. Prison is too good for these basterds the gallows would be fitting for them.

  • Jim says:


    Shut this 3rd world BULLSCHIFF DOWN!

    This is the United States of America!

  • thomas tackett says:

    why are we in Ukraine ? No need unless we want to srart WW3. get out

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