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Two Men Competed in a Women’s Cycling Race. Here’s What Happened Next.

Two men who believe they are “transgender women” competed in a women’s cycling event earlier this week. Predictably, the men came in first and second place.

According to the New York Post, Tessa Johnson, 25, took first place in the women’s Single Speed category at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships on Sunday. Another male athlete, Evelyn Williamson, 30, placed second.

Reportedly, Williamson raced in both men’s and women’s categories in 2020. He reportedly won first place as a woman at the Sky Express Winter Criterium and did not place against men.

Riley Gaines, a women’s sports advocate who tied against Will “Lia” Thomas in college swimming, reacted to the news.

“Any woman who doesn’t compete and loses out on prize money, I will happily pay the fee out of my own pocket. In any sport,” Gaines wrote. “Stop. Playing. Their. Game.”

Megyn Kelly called the situation “infuriating.”

  • TD says:

    How can humans be so freaking stupid and go along with these mentally disturbed individuals, There is no such thing as transgender humans period, What is going to take the humans out on this planet is their big brain, Wait until the AI gets going, Live longer and have a better life, that is getting to be nothing but bs

  • Sue s says:

    They must be democrats because they need to win at any cost…. Disgusting.

  • A. Michaels says:

    News flash….those aren’t MEN.



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