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Twitter Erupts in Response to Video of Racist Berating a White Family on the Subway

A video of a young man viciously berating a little boy and his white parents on a subway train in New York City is fast going viral on Twitter, prompting some to conclude that this kind of racial animosity was the objective of leftists and critical race theory advocates all along.

The video depicts a couple seated with their son in a subway car opposite an individual apparently keen to provoke a fight.

The racist standing opposite the family — a black male who has previously turned up in viral videos issuing similar dehumanizing screeds — focuses his stream of identitarian vitriol on the young boy, calling him a “nasty a**, mutated … white monkey,” before shouting, “You’re a dog in this country!”

The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngô circulated a video last month of what appears to be the same man calling an Asian woman a “monkey,” then telling her to “get out his country.”

In this latest instance, the boy’s father appears about ready to confront the racist, but is dissuaded by his wife, who can be heard in the video saying, “Stop, stop, stop.”

The racist continues unabated, screaming, “You’re nothing over here. You’re a dog. Shut up! I’m a black American! I’m over you!”

During his rant, the racist managed to cover some of the themes that Nikole Hannah-Jones of “The 1619 Project” took up in her anti-white letter to her college paper.

Amidst the abuse, the mother can be seen desperately trying to distract her young child.

One commenter wrote, “If this was a white guy doing this to black family … they’d be nationwide coverage from the left.”

Joel Berry, managing editor of the Babylon Bee, tweeted, “Congratulations Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi! You did it,” referencing the authors of “White Fragility” and “How to Be Antiracist,” respectively.

DiAngelo, a white affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington, wrote, “White identity is inherently racist.”

DiAngelo recently stressed in a March 1 webinar entitled, “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier,” that “People of color need to get away from White people,” reported Fox News.

Kendi, one of the chief proponents of critical race theory, wrote, “The only remedy to racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

The Huffington Post’s former culture writer peddled the claim, popular with Kendi’s disciples, that while white people can experience “prejudice from black people and other non-whites,” they cannot experience racism, because “racism is a system in which a dominant race benefits off the oppression of others.”

Referencing the white family’s abuse by the racist on the subway, Berry added, “This is black empowerment. So inspiring. Great job everyone. … The racist Left tells black Americans that their self-degradation is empowering. A massively cruel psyop.”
Not the Bee, the news-oriented companion to the satire site Babylon Bee, noted that this racist outburst was seized upon in turn by white identitarians online, happy to engage in the “dumb power games … the commies play.”

Chicks On The Right appeared to concur, tweeting, “Disgusting. You know what creates more of this? CRT. Pitting ‘oppressors’ against ‘oppressed.’ None of it’s real. It’s DiAngelo, Kendi, Nikole Hannah Jones, Sharpton-manufactured divisiveness. And the more legitimacy it’s given, the more of this will result.”

  • Donnie O Bachi says:

    Whenever someone has an outburst like this directed at another race it can only mean that they are EXTREMELY INSECURE and DISAPPOINTED WITH THEIR OWN RACE and they need to lash out in order to cope with their own personal let Downs about their race.

  • Louis Galmarini says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:

    It has been 300 years since they were brought to this Country, (sold by their tribal elders through auction). It’s been 160 years since they were freed by a Republican President, (Abraham Lincoln). It’s been over 50 years since they were granted complete equal rights. On top of that, they’ve enjoyed more “racial privileges” than any other race, including numerous “entitlements” such as FREE education, FREE housing, FREE food, FREE clothing, FREE health care, and FREE employment, (read: If the applicant is black, the position requires no education nor experience).

    However, the institution of ‘work’ is usually never even considered, given they can exist (very comfortably) on everything which is now GIVEN to them by the wonderful ‘bleeding hearts’ of our government. Unfortunately, being given EVERYTHING needed to live isn’t enough for many blacks. Therefore, (and since they don’t have to work for a living), they commit felony crime to get whatever it is they want, (and that they don’t have). Hence: They’ll break into your grandparents’ house, beat them to death, and take everything they worked their entire lives for – just so they can have drug money for the day.

    Additionally, we now have all-inclusive black college’s, special holidays, and an entire month that pays special tribute to their race. And STILL, they have refused to assimilate into our culture/society each day. But instead, chose to continue playing the ‘victim’, (read: ‘Weez bein’ oppressed! Weez bein’ oppressed!”). Nothing seems to help these people. Why? Because although there are (literally) HUNDREDS of governmental agencies and charities attempting to help them – THEY REFUSE TO HELP THEMSELVES, thus are perpetual ‘victims’ forever – OF THEIR OWN CAUSING. They are the only culture on the planet that seems incapable of improving their quality of life. I feel sorry for the very small percentage that have assimilated into our culture successfully. These are the ‘black people’ who are my friends and neighbors. As for the rest of them, I’m sorry, but they’re just not like us and they NEVER will be. I refer to the rest of these ‘people’ as– NIGGERS.


    FACT: Although blacks don’t make up 13% of the entire U.S. population, (actual %age 12.74), they account (and are responsible) for (no less than) 71% of ALL crime. (Think about that for just a second). That’s taken right from the front page of the DOJ. Some snakes are deadly, others are harmless. In the wild, all snakes are avoided because it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between them. The same holds true with what I call – ‘the 13%’. I avoid them as much as possible because I don’t feel safe around them. If you don’t believe that’s a fair statement, consider this: The propensity towards violence that black people display is not cultural – it’s genetics. It’s in their DNA. They’re ‘wired’ like this from birth – and there is NOTHING a civilized society can do (other than w/ proper medication), to protect themselves from such individuals. It’s an inheritance from their ancestors. African tribes eternally fighting w/ each other for HUNDREDS of years w/ no governance, no civility, and no peace. Result? You can’t go anywhere, (fast-food restaurant, carnival, or to just get a free bag of chips with my 10-year-old granddaughter), without some incident ensuing if they’re present. Why is this? Because they have no ‘skin in the game’ to speak of. No self-worth nor purpose in life. Just the propensity for violence, which is triggered w/ the least resistance to anything they feel they’re ‘entitled’ to, (which is – EVERYTHING). In addition, (and compliments of our government who coddles and strokes these animals), they’re aware they will experience (almost) no negative consequences for ANYTHING they do/say which results in huge negative consequences for others. All compliments of the Democrats who break EVERYTHING they touch. So much for all their awesome programs to make things “better

    Over one-and-a-half centuries since emancipation, trillions of dollars of free stuff, and over half-a-century of UNCONSTITUTIONAL Affirmative Action equals the most expensive experiment in history is a complete and utter failure. No matter how long or how hard we (try to) pound the square peg into the round hole, it is NOTS going to fit. The experiment has failed…PERIOD. Apart from a small minority who have actually assimilated to a civilized culture, the majority have remained feral. It is long past time to stop fooling ourselves into thinking that all our tried and failed programs will correct this as the evidence overwhelmingly shows that it will not. Reparations? How about one-way airfare back to Africa. Throw in a Louis Vuitton purse, a carbon fiber spear, a chucking manual, a mud hut blueprint, and a heartfelt KICK IN THE ASS. There they can continue killing each other every day, (as they are now), and we can live in a relatively peaceful environment. Affirmative Action was sold as a ten-year diversion from our Constitution; it’s now been SIXTY years. WE DO NOT HAVE A RACE PROBLEM. WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A RACE. More correctly, we also have a problem with the political party enabling and promoting this Third World chaos and anarchy. Bottom line? There are truly only two things you can do w/ animals – cage ‘em or kill ‘em. DONE!



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