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Tulsi Gabbard Confirms What We All Suspected About Kamala Harris

Former Hawaii Congresswoman and now-former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard sat down with Joe Rogan on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” and had a very interesting conversation. Part of this conversation involved a discussion around vice-President Kamala Harris, whom Gabbard is partly famous for absolutely demolishing on stage during the 2020 Democrat primaries.

Rogan brought up the fact that the relationship between Gabbard and the Democrat Party began to sour the moment she made Harris look bad. Gabbard told Rogan that Harris was the Democrat Party’s chosen one at the time and exposing Harris as a liar who did many things that the Democrat Party claims it was against made her something of an enemy.

Gabbard noted that the info about Harris wasn’t that hard to find and yet despite this, no media figure or candidate was willing to bring it up.

“No one in the media did that. There’s no other candidate on the debate stage who had the balls to bring that up.”

“How are voters supposed to be able to make their best-informed decision when the media and fellow Democratic candidates who are running, who are her opponents in that race, don’t have the courage to ask a very factual question on a record that she says she’s proud of?” Gabbard continued.

Gabbard guessed that the reason no one called Harris out was due to her status as a woman of color and no one wanted to be the one accused of racism and have their career ruined for confronting her about her record. Sure enough, after Gabbard did it, she massively fell out of favor with the Democrat Party.

She also guessed she was well-connected and that the Democrat Party also favored her because they knew they could count on her to be obedient.

“She was connected,” Gabbard said of Harris. “She’s playing the game. She’s somebody that the Democratic Party knows that they can control.”

This makes sense. Harris seemed to be the media favorite going into 2020 but after Gabbard put her on ice, Harris’s star faded quickly. She was one of the Democrat candidates who ended up dropping out of the race rather early, and her pick as VP only happened because various groups within the Democrat Party threatened not to vote for Joe Biden if he didn’t pick a black woman for VP.

Harris was the obvious choice, not just because she fit the physical description required but because should something happen to Biden that forces him to retire, then Harris would be next in line and willing to pick up the torch of being the DNC’s puppet. Like Biden, she clearly has no leadership ability herself, so her value rests wholly in how well she’s willing to take orders.

As Gabbard just confirmed, this is exactly why the DNC liked her so much. She needed only a handful of qualifications. She’s a woman, she’s not white, and she’s willing to ask “how high” when told to jump.

  • slinky says:

    This is why she’s VP. Once Biden is out of the picture, they will have another puppet. George Soros and Obama. I pray God have mercy on this nation and destroy Obama and Soros and all their ilk.

  • sisam says:

    Enough of the color bullshit! I am tired of hearing about her “black woman” as she isn’t worth a crap and is ignorant as ever…

  • Linda DuBois says:

    She Just are corrupt an Biden. Both need to be removed from office as well as Pelosi. She has become a detriment to this nation.

  • Laura says:

    Harris is no woman “of color”. Indians (people from India for those who don’t know) nor Puerto Ricans call themselves people of color. She’s just a mismosh of both. She’s no “African American”…. has absolutely nothing in her genes that’s of African decent. So how can she call herself that and run on that? It’s like Warren calling herself a Native American when she has no more than 1/1024.. expressed in decimal fashion as .0009765625. One could round up the .0009765625 and end up with 1/10 of 1% or .001% Native American. They’re both liars & manipulators, taking away from those that are truly what they say they are and who deserve the education or status more. And what’s with the idiots that continue to call Harris African-American? By electing or appointing someone based solely on their gender, race, sexual orientation is in an of itself the highest form of racism. One should get the job because they are competent & capable not just because they’re the “first” this or that.

  • Verna Hebert says:

    I have said this very thing even before the election. Biden and Harris are the front puppets! They country is run from behind the scenes. If Biden is impeached, Kamala becomes President! She is not a qualified leader. If she becomes is impeached Pelosi becomes President! Pelosi as President would end America Freedom! Sad , but true! We need to work for a better America for all! Heaven help us!



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