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Tucker Carlson Examines the Strange Destruction of Food Processing Plants Across the Country

Just this past weekend, there was a massive fire at an egg farm in Connecticut.

Online claims have emerged, corroborated by others, that the popular “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed sold by the Tractor Supply chain has been recently altered and that its new formulation is causing chickens to stop laying eggs

This news comes as chicken and egg prices reach historic highs, caused in part by Avian Flu, but also as rampant inflation under the Biden regime causing prices to erratically jump among suppliers and subsequently among common consumer products. Egg prices have gone from $1.71 per dozen 18 months ago to an average over $7 per dozen today.

What is going on here? Tucker Carlson examined the issue in his opening monologue on Monday night.

From FOX News:

Last spring, in March, at a press conference in Brussels, Joe Biden explained that the sanctions he was imposing against Russia, while morally necessary, were also going to cause food shortages around the world, including here in the United States. “It’s going to be real,” he said.

Now, Biden said this in a very odd way. There was no hint or panic, emotions you’d expect from a leader predicting the deaths of human beings from starvation. None of that. Instead, there was pure, nonchalant casualness. Biden could have been describing the weather or a trip to the dry cleaners. “It’s going to be real.”

Then Biden continued, recounting a conversation he had with European allies. He told us all about it. When he met with the group, Biden said, they spoke about “how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” That’s what Joe Biden said verbatim. It’s on tape…

We can’t know what Joe Biden was thinking, if anything, when he uttered those words in Brussels. We can only tell you what happened afterward.

Strange disasters began to beset food processors all over the United States. In April, the next month, the headquarters of one of this country’s largest organic food distributors was destroyed in a fire. Cause unknown. The next month, in a single week, actually, two separate private plane crashes took out two separate food processing centers. One plane hit a General Mills plant in Georgia. The other plane hit a food plant in Idaho. By the way, back in February, a boiler explosion obliterated a potato processing plant in Oregon and so on.

So even people who aren’t given to connecting the dots, who don’t think of themselves as conspiracy nuts, begin to wonder, “Is there something here?” But no one could tell. The Biden administration had no answers and no way to get to the answers because they had no data.

Watch the video below:

  • Danny Hatcher says:

    About 100-200 food plants are destroyed and infrastructure sites.


  • Can you say ANTIFA! A violent arm of the Leftist Marxist baby murdering pervert loving pedophile lying cheating violent war mongering cult demoKKKrats!

  • SweetLadyMary says:

    We need to start finding ways to stop the destruction that has been occurring in our food supply. Has anyone noticed that they are destroying our food supply with airplanes, fire, disease, feed, etc., yet they are allowing invaders to come into this country by the millions and we the citizens have to pay for their food through our tax dollars? Yet, we are also having to pay higher prices at the store because of the increased demand for food and the destruction of the food supply chain. It isn’t only chickens, it is beef, as well.

  • Pat R says:

    I read last week that the destruction of food processing plants isn’t just in the US. My opinion is this is all coming from WEF-Klaus Schwab (doing bidding of globalist cabal) toward pushing the Great Reset; not to mention the wealthy’s agenda for depopulation. Just consider who will suffer & die – the poorer of societies who cannot afford the higher prices. Wealthy elitists consider them the scum of the earth, not worthy of life, so use their wealth to make food less available. (That’s my 2-cents worth.)



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