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Trump White House Doctor Wrongly ‘Detained’ at Texas Rodeo

Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House doctor for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, was ‘temporarily detained’ by police as he tried to assist a 15-year-old having a medical emergency at a rodeo Saturday night.

The Texas Tribune reported Monday that amid a ‘very loud and chaotic environment’ law enforcement wrongly detained Jackson, who had been called over to provide medical attention.

A statement from the congressman’s office said Jackson had been seated ‘in the stands during the entire rodeo, in full view of the assembled crowd, and was not drinking.’

Jackson was ‘summoned by someone in the crowd to assist a 15-year-old girl who was having a medical emergency nearby.’ When he got to the patient her relative, a nurse, was already helping her, but said she needed assistance.

‘While assessing the patient in a very loud and chaotic environment, confusion developed with law enforcement on the scene and Dr. Jackson was briefly detained and was actually prevented from further assisting the patient,’ the statement said.

‘He was immediately released as soon as law enforcement realized that he, as a medical professional, was tending to the young girl’s medical emergency,’ it continued.

The local sheriff, Tam Terry, told the Texas Tribune that one person was ‘temporarily detained’ while authorities responded to a call during a concert Saturday night at the White Deer Rodeo, located 40 miles outside Amarillo.

Terry did not name Jackson in his statement.

He said the department is ‘reviewing the incident.’

Until that wraps up no participants will be named, the sheriff said.

Jackson has had a colorful career in Washington, first associated as Obama’s physician, he went on to serve Trump, who’s became a political ally.

Jackson was named by Trump to head the Veterans Administration in March 2018, but his nomination was derailed after stories came out about him overprescribing medication to White House staff.

He was given the nickname ‘candy man’ for that reputation.

Current and former colleagues also told Senate investigators that Jackson drank on the job

Trump withdrew his nomination less than a month after he named Jackson to the post.

In December 2019, he jumped in a Congressional race to represent a conservative slice of Texas.

He won his seat in November 2020 and won reelection last year.

With his medical background, Jackson has become a thorn in President Joe Biden’s side, suggesting the 80-year-old needs to take a cognitive test to stay in office.

  • Peggy says:

    This is news?

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    …and again, we’re given a story w/ NO reason for the incident. Truth Press is getting like all the others – click-bait tabloids. (Stupid is as stupid does)…js.

  • Joe Friday says:

    There needs to be citizen oversite to investigate complaints against police. I think everyone is tired of “We’ve investigated ourselves and found no wrong doing”. There are too many times that that the citizens must foot the bill for lawsuits against the police. The police that break the law must be held responsible. They need to stop this us vs them attitude and stop treating every citizen they encounter as a felon. They always demand I.D. When no laws were broken.

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