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Trump Weighs in on Possible One-on-One Interview with Tucker Carlson

Former President Donald Trump has reacted to the idea of a sit-down interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, calling it “interesting.”

Trump made the comment on his social media platform Truth Social, reposting another user’s idea of doing the interview on the same night the Republican Party holds its 2024 primary debate.

It’s unclear if Trump will attend the debate, as he stated in the past he does not believe he needs to while he maintains a large polling lead.

“Interesting?” Trump wrote. “So many people have suggested this!”

Trump’s comment comes just a month before the first Republican Party primary debate on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which will be hosted by Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

Ahead of the debate, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), seen by many to be Trump’s biggest challenger in the primary, confirmed he would attend the debate.

Vivek Ramaswamy, another candidate in the GOP 2024 primary race, stated Saturday that he met the criteria needed to participate in the debate and will sign the Republican National Committee candidate pledge vowing to support the party’s nominee regardless of who it is.

The proposal for Trump to do an interview with Carlson comes after the ex-Fox News anchor’s 2 1/2-hour interview with social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate, which Carlson released on Twitter earlier this month. As of Sunday afternoon, the interview has 94.8 million views.

At the Turning Point Action Conference held this month in West Palm Beach, Florida, attendees overwhelmingly voted Trump the winner of the Republican presidential primary straw poll.

Trump received 85.7% of the vote in the straw poll, with businessman Perry Johnson following with 7.8% and DeSantis in third with 4.3%.

  • Joseph says:

    I wonder why Biden won’t sit down with Tucker? According to his 81m voters, the MSM and all the Dem politicians, Biden is the second coming of FDR and single handedly saved America from the destructive Trump policies.

  • Ricky says:

    There is literally nobody in the world that can come close to beating Trump. We are not abandoning the greatest president in history. He does not need to be fundraising, campaigning, or anything else, just fighting off the demons trying to keep him out of his rightful office. DEATH TO THE DEEP STATE!

  • Watch me ( deep states) says:

    Deep state may and become a big surprise to show a big turn out to be Trump s states.
    From death to live with Trump voters!
    From democrats who are fed up with bs and switching!! Big time and alive!

  • Laurie says:

    Trump should definitely do it! And on the same night of the Republican debate

  • Tressa says:

    Trump 2024



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