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Trump Superhero Trading Cards Sell Out in 24 Hours – Trump Responds

On Thursday former President Trump announced his superhero trading cards. They sold out within 24 hours and the price soared.

Trump responded to the news.

CoinDesk reported:

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading card collection sold out early Friday, the day after its initial release.

According to data from OpenSea, at time of writing, the collection’s trading volume is 900 ETH, or about $1.08 million. Its floor price is about 0.19 ETH, or about $230 – more than double the original price of $99.

Some tokens are selling for much higher prices. The one-of-ones, the rarest of the NFTs, which comprise 2.4% of the 45,000 unit collection (roughly 1,000), are selling for as much as 6 ETH at the time of writing. One of these rare trading cards, of the 45th president standing in front of the Statue of Liberty holding a torch, is currently listed at 20 ETH, or about $24,000.

According to data from Dune Analytics, nearly 13,000 users minted 3.5 tokens upon the release of the collection. Additionally, 115 customers purchased 45 NFTs, which is the minimum number of tokens that guarantees a ticket to a dinner with Trump; 17 people purchased 100 NFTs, which, according to the Trump Trading Card site, was the maximum quantity allowed to mint. However, additional metrics from Dune show that other wallets held far more.

  • Rita says:

    Good for you Trump you have sold your soul for money and ego. Good luck in 2024 you no longer have my vote.

    • Bill says:

      Rita, you weren’t going to vote for Trump anyway. Of all the reasons you could choose not to vote for him, if this is the reason, you are just a TDS troll anyway. Good luck with biden.

    • AprilC409 says:

      Rita, did u FORGET (or, are u aware) that Pres Trump only took $1.00/year as POTUS? So, in total, the US gov’t only paid him $4.00 for his 4-yr term in office! Moreover, he donated what would have been his “pay” to some charity/cause/worthy group each quarter!

      Also, I’ve heard that this NFT money might be just one way for his campaign to RAISE FUNDS!(?)

      • m lopez says:

        So what? He is supposed to be worth between 4 to 10 billion. That’s meaningless. Trump is still tasteless and embarrassing, trading cards, really? Anyway, when he was President he couldn’t do a damn thing to fix anything. He was and remains a loser. look at the record

    • Bo long says:

      Cannot fixing stupid fast enough.

      • m lopez says:

        Evidently, Trump isn’t interested in fixing stupid, just in leading his stupid followers off a cliff. He’s a tasteless ego manic

        • Snickers says:

          Oh Lopez your cracking me up!! Asking with who ever your going back and forth with here, but your proving what we have been telling you about liberals a) first and foremost, dishonest
          B) dishonest and stupid
          C) dishonest and evil
          D) dishonest and vile
          And everything that goes along with evil and vile. Your nothing more then deviled tongue monstrous demons. So go back to the home you burn in and quit spewing your lies to us here and go join the rest of the horrendous excuse of people you choose to follow, it’s clearly a side we don’t wish to join you on. Go away….

    • m lopez says:

      There is absolutely nothing he won’t monetize through his brand. He is shameless

  • Pat says:

    I see the left-wing nuts are on this site too. Funny how they have nothing to do but try to argue with people. Stupid FJB people.

  • David says:

    People like Bannon and others who speak negatively about TRUMP creating NFT’s and people spending their own money on them, trading them, is a show of jealousy or envy, it’s quite childish behavior for something that doesn’t harm anyone who doesn’t partake in crypto, the buyers take the risk with their own money taking the chance that the investment will become more valuable, so cry away crybabies, you make yourselves sound foolish and show others that you have a touch of TDS.



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