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Trump Family Reacts to Indictment: ‘Communist-Level S**t’

Former President Trump’s family speaks out against his indictment, pointing out the hypocrisy of not charging the Biden family for their shady overseas business dealings.

“They don’t do this to the Biden administration or the Biden family,” Trump Jr. said. “Or to the Clintons or to any one of the corrupt Democrats out there that have made millions and probably billions where there’s smoke like you wouldn’t even believe … this is weaponized justice at its absolute worst.”

He called “Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s” attack against his father “communist-level sh*t,” accusing Democrats of prosecutorial misconduct, which is the targeting of a political opponent.

“This is stuff that would make Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot; it would make them blush. It’s so flagrant; it’s so crazed. Even the radical leftists of the Washington Post are out there saying, ‘it’s not really based on facts, it’s not really based on the law, not really based in reality, but it’s 100% based on politics,'” Trump Jr. continued.

He also condemned Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, an “unreliable, discredited witness,” helping Bragg and the Democratic Party dismiss the law to attack conservatives.

Trump’s other son, Eric, accused Bragg of targeting his father right before the 2024 presidential election began to stop him from potentially winning.

“This is the opportunistic targeting of a political opponent in a campaign year,’ said the 39-year-old second son of the ex-head of state of the grand jury’s decision,” Eric told the Daily Mail. “They ruthlessly attacked my father because he dared challenge the political elite. This is Exhibit A to the decline of American Law.”

Trump Jr.’s fiance, Kimberly Guilfoyle, commented on the former president’s unfair, politically motivated treatment, saying that Democrats are only after Trump because he fights for the American people.

“We overcame the Russia hoax,” Guilfoyle said. “We overcame the Mueller witch hunt. We overcame two impeachment shams. We will OVERCOME Alvin Bragg’s political prosecution. Just remember, they’re only after Trump because he fights for YOU!”

  • To quote retired Harvard Law Professor, the Democrats and Bragg are attempting to “criminalize politics.” This is a dangerous direction for the country! In short, it is the exact methodology utilized in the Soviet Union. Americans need to wake up to the fact that this is an attempt to impress Communism on our country. Perpetrators should be called out. We need to instigate a worldwide objective of “expunging Marxism from the planet.” Sadly, we have individuals like Alvin Bragg who aspire to turn the United States into the former Soviet Union.

  • Tressa Baker says:

    This is what you get for voting for a known brain dead president! Waste of taxpayers money and no future for our grandchildren!

  • CCRawlinson says:

    This is the new low for the Democrat party. In the ’90’s it was their “culture of corruption” and Bill Clinton lawless using people and throwing them away, mostly women. And illegally having 500 FBI files on conservatives to use against them (twisting truth around I’m sure). And basically thwarting the law and US Constitution. But they’ve added something worse, now it’s crafting narratives out of propaganda to frame some crime hoax against anyone who is a threat to their power and agenda. So yes, as Eric Trump said this is some Communist sh*t, and I’ll add mix any banana republic with China and the result is the Democrat party and the “country” they are trying to build. We are not the United Socialist States of Amerika. But the Democrat party are the neo-Soviets in the times we live in.

  • phrowt says:

    Optics, all the Dems want is the mug shot.



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