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Trump Dismisses DeSantis as VP Choice: ‘Never Thought of It’

Former President Donald Trump has finally responded to talk about having Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his vice presidential pick in the 20924 election.

The former president doused the idea with ice cold water in reaction to a DeSantis interview on Newsmax where he was asked if he would consider being a vice president for Trump.

“I think I’m probably more of an executive guy,” he said.

“I think that you wanna be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job, is because we have action. We’re able to make things happen, and I think that’s probably what I’m best suited for.”

On Friday, in his own interview with Newsmax, Trump said that having DeSantis as his vice president is “very unlikely” after host Rob Schmitt asked him “Was that ever an option for you?”

“No, I never thought of it,” he said. “I think that we have a lot of great people in the Republican Party. I never thought of it. But you know, some people every once in a while mention it, but that’s about it. No, I think that would be a very unlikely alliance.”

He again took credit for DeSantis becoming the governor of Florida and for his popularity in the Republican Party.

“Look, I appointed him,” he said. “He was failing badly in the polls. He was out of politics. He was going to be out of politics and I endorsed him. And he went from a very small number to a very high number.”

And he insisted that DeSantis could not achieve victory on his own.

“If you look at his record, he can’t win because he voted against Social Security,” he said. “I mean, he voted against things that are so, so important. Medicare, he voted against Medicare. He wanted to raise the age substantially for people getting Social Security.”

This month Fox News personality Tomi Lahren, who has been an avid supporter of former President Trump, just took sides against him in his ongoing feud with Gov. DeSantis.

She spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night about the Republicans attacking opponents before the primary and she did not like the former president’s attacks on Gov. DeSantis, Mediaite reported.

“So when we talk about the negative attacks, it’s one-sided right now,” she said, acknowledging that DeSantis has not hit back. She said the former president’s attacks were “very frustrating,” and “it’s like going after an imaginary friend, right now, when Ron DeSantis hasn’t even announced yet.”

“It looks like Trump is already upset, anxious, and I don’t think that’s a good look for him,” Lahren said.

“It’s going to come down to this between Ron and Don. It’s gonna come down to who can convince us that they can win,” she said.

She said that she still supports Trump but she could be swayed to vote for someone else.

“No candidate is a given,” she said. “I am a Trump supporter, I’ve been a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t mean he automatically has my vote. I want to see them have great policy debates, but I also wanna hear them tell us how their election strategy is gonna set them up to win.”

It comes after the former president got some fantastic news as he added another achievement to his impressive list of life accomplishments.

He has topped the iTunes charts with his first single, “Justice For All,’ defeating competitors like Miley Cyrus and Tim McGraw, Breitbart News reported.

“Justice For All,” is a tribute to the January 6 prisoners that features the “J6 Prison Choir,” an ensemble of prisoners who can be heard chanting singing the national anthem and while Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

As of Friday, “Justice For All” has overtaken Cyrus’s “Flowers,” McGraw’s “Standing Room Only, and Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” on iTunes’ national rankings, making it the number one song in America on the platform.

“’Justice For All’ by the J6 Prison Choir and former President Donald Trump is the first song ever released by a former U.S. President. This powerful and moving song raises awareness and support for the political prisoners still locked in jail without trial following the January 6th protest in 2021,” Kash Patel said in a press release.

“J6 Prison Choir consists of individuals who have been incarcerated as a result of their involvement in the January 6, 2021 protest for election integrity after President Donald J. Trump stated ‘I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard’. The J6PC continues to make their voices heard through the power of music and sings ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ every evening before bed, inside Pod C2B of the DC Jail – a.k.a – the DC gulag,” he said.

  • Mhall says:

    The Constitution prohibits both President and Vice-president from being from the same state. So it’s impossible anyway!
    DeSantis for 2028!

  • FLA-GAL says:

    Trump CAN’T consider DeSantis as VP running mate–not even for a millisecond. A presidential candidate and VP running mate must be from different states. Both are citizens of Florida. One would have to change residency status. DeSantis is governor of Florida, so he can’t up and leave. Trump COULD return to NY and change residency status to be NY citizen again, but…WHY? Who the hell is crazy enough to move BACK to NY?

  • FLA-GAL says:

    Trump is pissed because DeSantis isn’t genuflecting before him. Trump is under the impression that DeSantis OWES him his victory in the Governor’s race in 2018, just because he endorsed DeSantis. Sorry Don, but you are wrong on this. In 2018, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam was a shoe-in for the gubernatorial nomination. It was his for the taking. He was leading in the polls, until the “October Surprise” (actually June, it was a primary) the exposee showing employees under his supervision authorized more than 1,000 concealed carry permits to applicants without a required background check. THEN, there was an allegation of a domestic disturbance related to Mr. Putnam. His poll numbers took a nosedive. DeSantis was the candidate closest to him in the polls before the shit hit the fan. DeSantis then overtook Putnam in the polls and held that lead until the primary election in August. It was only after the news uncovered and reported on the stories, causing Putnam to lose support, that Trump “endorsed” DeSantis. I am a Libertarian, so I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but was happy he won, and I voted for him in 2020. I could not vote in the Primary in 2018 because I’m not a Republican. If I could have voted, I would have voted for DeSantis in the Primary. Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis meant nothing to me. At the General election in November, I was still set to vote for Darcey Richardson, Reform Party, but the polls were so close between Republican & Democrat, I filled in the dot for DeSantis. I had a feeling Florida would turn to shit if Gillum was elected… a year and a half later, Gillum was found uncomunicative (drunk/high) is a motel room in Miami with an unconcious male escort and a drug dealer, with drugs strewn all over the motel room… DURING the Covid lockdown.

  • David says:

    TRUMP should pick Kari Lake as VP, she’s got what many Republican male politicians don’t have, bigger balls.

  • slimslob says:

    Read the Constitution idiots. Seeing as how both Trump and DeSantis are Florida citizens, there is no way they should run together. From the 12th Amendment “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves” That means that if they ran together they would give all the Florida Electors to the Democrats and Florida has a large number of Electors.

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