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Travis Kelce Angers Taylor Swift Fans After Reaction to Pro-Trump Post

Kelce, triple-Super Bowl-winning tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has drawn the wrath of some of the fans of his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, because he “liked” a post containing a photo and video of ESPN ex-host Sage Steele shaking hands with former president Trump.

It was more than a month ago that Steele put the post of herself with Trump on Instagram after UFC 299, Newsweek reported.

Steele anticipated blowback for being photographed shaking hands with Trump and said in her Instagram post: “(Cue the divisive, close-minded thoughts and unfollows in 3…2…1…)” and included a laughing face emoji along with “#diversityofthought”

That disclaimer of sorts was at the end of Steele’s posting regarding the UFC event.

“What. A. Night. After years of covering @ufc at ESPN, I FINALLY got to see it live & in person. Game changer,” the post began. “THANK YOU @danawhite … for EVERYTHING! Great people, great event, great fights!”

The post drew more than 58,000 “likes,” among them one by Kelce.

While it’s not clear when Kelce reacted to the post, Swift’s fans — the “Swifties” — apparently discovered it Sunday.

And the response was, well, swift.

“I wasn’t expecting travis kelce to be a trump supporter but here we are,” one commented on social media.

“Travis Kelce has liked a post on Instagram praising Donald Trump,” another said. “I always knew this man had MAGA energy but now we have proof.”

“Travis kelce likes TRUMP?” one sarcastically exclaimed. “I wouldve never guessed this in a million years this is shocking news!! whats next? grass is green? the sun is a star???”

Another perspective was that a post that Kelce’s apparent affirmation of a Trump photo doesn’t reflect the views of Swift.

“Quite disappointing,” the individual posted on X. “But I will say I need people to not associate that with taylor’s views.”

And some fans, noting that Swift supported President Joe Biden in the last election, are perplexed about Kelce affirming a Trump-related photo.

But one post noted rumors that Kelce would be supporting Trump in the 2024 election despite dating a “lefty.”

Perhaps Trump himself was onto something last fall when he told the Daily Caller, the Kelce-Swift relationship probably won’t last.

“I wish the best for both of them,” Trump said. “I hope they enjoy their life, maybe together, maybe not — most likely not.”

  • Grant says:

    Remember, in democrat circles, you MUST think, act and talk like them or you’ll be destroyed. They have no tolerance for non compliance or personal discretion. They are, after all, totalitarian by nature and criminal by deed, they are the lowest form of life on the planet.

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    Oh, look who CRYING! Some dumb Taylor Swift fans! Give the fans a cup to fill up with tears! Who is Taylor Swift? Just another loudly mouth that DOES THE OPPOSITE OF HER POST ON HER SOCIAL PAGE! You nuts are out of your mind if you didn’t know how to use the BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU! She support a DICTATOR WHO REFUSED TO PROVE HE DOESN’T HAVE COGNITIVE! OR IS UNFIT TO LEAD A COUNTRY OF LAWS! And you nuts, there always RAT POSION FOR YOU TO DRINK! It help stop the CRYING! Oh, by the way you support SOCIALISM? TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT IT! Then do a big favor, GET A JOB!

  • scottishrebel_1503 says:

    That skank twat has been run through more than a nyc subway tunnel.

  • Juanita says:

    So he isn’t allowed to like posts that they don’t like? What a bunch of losers. They get their panties in a twist over everything. They want to manipulate and control people in order to get them to do what they command them to do. Disgusting.



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