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These Networks Refused to Air Biden’s ’Speech from Hell’

Major networks decided not to air President Joe Biden’s primetime speech which viciously attacked Republicans and MAGA supporters.

CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox all refused to run the president’s address to the nation because they deemed it was “too political” ahead of the November midterm elections. The networks instead chose to air re-runs of their shows.

MSNBC and CNN however did run the divisive speech, which they of course thought was powerful and moving.

In the past, Presidents rarely make speech during prime-time TV hours, unless the country is in a national crisis. When it does happen, networks will typically comply and and air the speech to make sure it reaches as many Americans as possible.

It appeared networks were uninterested in what Biden had to say since only two major networks picked up the speech.

Historically, the last time networks decided not air a president’s speech was in 2014. NBC and CBS did not give air time to former President Obama’s speech on immigration reform.

According to the Washington Examiner, a White House official attempted to convince the networks to air the speech, telling NBC News that it was “not about “a particular politician or even about a particular political party.”

Meanwhile, CNN faced criticism after it appeared that CNN altered Biden’s eerie red backdrop.

The leftist network visibly lighten the red hue of the background from red to light-pink, attempting to soften it up.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark) pointed out the obvious change in background that CNN tried to pull.

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  • GEORGE fate Eady says:


  • Mary McClane says:

    What an asshole. FJB!

  • Thomas Schuett says:

    Biden has crossed the line from dementia to dangerous. Thirty some percent of the population thinks he is doing a good job…he has put hate in their hearts. CNN and MSNBC fan the flames. Imagine if a Republican president labeled all democrats like this?

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