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The Taliban Has Detained an American, and 18 Others, for Promoting ‘Christianity’

An American has been captured and taken hostage by the Taliban after the group raided the offices of a Swiss nonprofit group based in Afghanistan for allegedly promoting Christianity.

On Friday, the International Assistance Mission (IAM) confirmed that the Taliban had detained the American worker and 18 others after the radical group stormed its offices in Ghor, just 400 miles outside of Kabul.

Since the Taliban seized control of the country two years ago, NGOs have become a more significant threat. The group introduced harsh measures, banning Afghan women from education after the sixth grade and from public life and work— including working for NGOs.

Three members, including the American, were taken in the first raid, and the 15 others were taken ten days later. However, they are being held in an unknown location in Kabul— the site of President Joe Biden’s 2021 botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

“We are unaware of the circumstances that led to these incidents and have not been advised of the reason for the detention of our staff members,” the International Assistance Mission said in a statement.

“The well-being and security of our colleagues are paramount to us, and we are doing everything possible to ensure their safety and secure their swift release.”

However, Taliban officials said the detainees were taken into custody for “propagating and promoting Christianity.”

The State Department said it knew that a U.S. citizen was captured by the Taliban, reinforcing its warning about U.S. nationals not traveling to Afghanistan because of armed conflict, civil unrest, crime, terrorism, and kidnapping.

“Travel to all areas of Afghanistan is unsafe, and the risk of kidnapping or violence against U.S. citizens in Afghanistan is high,” the State Department said. “We have no further details to share at this time.”

The nonprofit has operated in Afghanistan for nearly 60 years and is a Christian-based organization working to improve healthcare, education, and community development.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Make a deal with the Taliban that we will give them Joe & Hunter Biden, we will not hold any “acts” of torture, vengeance, water-boarding and/or whatever they deem is necessary, usual and customary in their Nation – – IF you wish to know/learn truths – feel free to do whatever you need to do to him. US Citizens will NOT frown upon whatever the Taliban does to Joe & Hunter. IF they release the other American Citizens we will throw in Joe’s wife, Jill. She is proud of her “Doctors Degree in Education” and perhaps that can be of some value to Afghanistan in some regard. So for the 12 they have detained, especially the American Christian – we will swap out with Jill Biden, potential for us to throw Ashley Biden in the deal too. Hunter & Joe go as a packaged deal and we Americans feel that Hunter will feel right at home in Afghanistan since it is one of the Top Countries for creating Crack & Meth and Joe & Hunter could help the Afghanistan Country create Cartels, amass lucrative business deals and Hunter can assist them in the legal framework for those companies plus he’ll be an exceptional Test-Taster & User of all products. Afghanistan & Taliban must agree to release and return ALL captive prisoners with US birthplace on their passports no matter what they were found guilty of – – the other 11 or so being held captive must be returned to America and we will discern where they belong and handle that. Afghanistan & Taliban will receive The Biden Crime Family – Joe, Hunter, Jill and Ashley Biden to start with; and potentially we can negotiate in the future for Joe’s brother James, the ex-wives and wife of Hunter and any other Biden Family member that the Taliban might find useful to help them uplift their illegal drug trade system, with Meth, Cocaine, Synthetic creations inc Crack. Hunter Biden is one person that has 30+ years of experience utilizing almost all illegal drugs, how to move them about to various countries and evade detection and arrest/confiscation. Hunter should be a wealth of information for the Taliban to complete with the Mexican Drug Cartel so Afghanistan can bring in Trillions of Profit per year in relatively short time. What do you think Taliban/Afghanistan? Ready to swap? For a more in-depth exchange with the Taliban/Afghanistan, after we hand over The Biden Crime Family – we the US Citizens are willing to begin negotiations for The Obama Family – – or any of well-known Family they should so desire, in the Name of Peace!

  • Debra says:

    I’m curious why the Taliban traveled 490 miles, aren’t these people territorial and different factions operate in certain regions?

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    Similar to what the Feds were doing to Christians during the Covid farce.
    “Feel free to go to the liquor store or Vegas to gamble but your churches must remain closed until further notice. And when we do allow you to return, you must not sing praise – or else! Heil Hitler!”

  • Gale Bertrand says:

    joe set the precedent, he’ll give you your murders back and money. What did anyone think would happen?

  • Me says:

    I’m not worried… Just have to wait about 20 years till another HORNDOG Democrat elected President and we’ll have an ally in the Taliban!

    Just like what happened in ‘NAM! with Carter & Clinton!



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