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The Next Bud Light? Yuengling Beer Sponsors Venue Hosting Drag Show for Pride Month

Renowned beer brand Yuengling is reportedly sponsoring a drag show venue, which will be held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as part of Pride month celebrations.

The event, promoted as “Draggin’ with the Divas” and set to occur on Friday, June 30th.

“Need your drag fix before our iconic Musikfest Drag Show? Well, the queens return to Musikfest Cafe pres. by Yuengling on June 30th! Close out Pride Month with a FIERCE show,” the announcement on the festival’s social media read.

After receiving negative feedback, the caption was changed on Thursday to exclude Yuengling as the sponsor.

“Draggin’ with the Divas” is a drag show featuring music performed by drag queens, covering popular songs by famous female artists, and hosted by drag queen Elektra Fearce St. James.

Tickets for Musikfest can be purchased at ArtsQuest. The tickets are priced at $25 and will rise to $30 in the week leading up to the show. ArtsQuest members receive a discounted rate of $22.50, increasing to $27 in the week of the show, according to the website.

ArtsQuest’s ticket policy states that “all persons entering a venue, including babies in arms, must have a ticket.” It also states that “attendance of children under 2 years of age may not be recommended for some performances.”

Yueling was also one of the sponsors of Philly Pride, the largest celebration of pride in Philly, along with Red Bull and Corona Extra.

The controversy surrounding Yuengling’s sponsorship decision reveals a fundamental misstep: the disregard for the brand’s traditional image and consumer base. While it’s important for brands to evolve and adapt to changing times, it’s equally important to maintain a strong connection with their existing audience and not fall for woke agenda.

UPDATE: In an intriguing development following the report, it appears that all online references to Yuengling’s sponsorship of both the Musikfest Cafe and Philly Pride have been deleted. You can still view it here and here.

  • James Leamons says:

    Stupid, like cream, floats to the top…

  • Jyng says:

    In the 70s, we called it Butt-Wiper.

  • Jyng says:

    In the 70s we called it ButtWiper.

  • Rob says:

    Just started drinking Yuengling after leaving Bud Light for celebrating this abomination. Now bye bye Yuengling for the same crap. Lots of other options remain

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