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That 10-Year-Old Abortion Story the Biden Ranted About Gets a Major Update

In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, a viral story about a 10-year-old girl in Ohio being raped, impregnated, and unable to obtain an abortion spread like wildfire across the political sphere. Major news networks covered it as truth despite the fact that it was a single-sourced account from an abortion doctor who provided zero corroborating details.

The story was then used as proof of how harmful Republican abortion bans are to the point that even Joe Biden got in on the act. The president used the report to rail against pro-life laws, proclaiming “imagine being that little girl” while asserting that Ohio forces raped children to give birth.

Of course, not everyone was so gullible. Multiple RedState authors questioned the story, and PJ Media’s Megan Fox dug into the issue in a viral tweet thread and several pieces on their front page.

Now, it looks like their concerns were warranted. And while I didn’t write an article on it, I did have this to say on social media.

Megan appeared on Jesse Watters Primetime Monday night to share what raised suspicion for her about the story, and one factor was that by reading Ohio’s actual law it’s clear that it’s a heartbeat law and not based on the gestational age.

While it’s been apparent that this story isn’t true, there’s now confirmation by Ohio’s Attorney General Dave Yost that there have been no reports of a 10-year-old being raped, including no crime lab results (a rape kit would have been performed). Also appearing on Watters’ show, Yost agreed with Fox that Ohio’s heartbeat law does not prohibit a minor who was raped from obtaining an abortion. That’s a fact that Democrats, including those in the mainstream media, have steadfastly ignored to this point, instead choosing to speak in generalities about the situation.

Now, some on the left may try to assert that the abortion doctor in Ohio just didn’t report the incident to the authorities. That dog doesn’t hunt, though. Why? Because it is required by law that the rape of a minor be reported to law enforcement if they seek an abortion. So either this abortion doctor who sourced the story is lying or they broke the law. I’ll let the defenders of this tale choose which one.

For my money, I believe the doctor in question just outright made it up. It conformed to the left’s narrative far too perfectly in the midst of them desperately looking for an example to promote the supposed righteousness of abortion. Anyone with a semblance of brain power should have seen the red flags from the beginning. Biden lacks said brain power, but he also wanted the story to be true. He wanted to use it as a political cudgel to slam his opponents who are only trying to protect unborn life.

To recap, the President of the United States repeated a false story in order to push a false narrative while promoting the destruction of life in the womb. If that’s not morally depraved, I don’t know what is. So much for that “return of normalcy and decency to the White House,” right?

  • Katie says:

    Most 10 year old girls have not even reached puberty at age 10. While it is not impossible, puberty in most girls doesn’t happen until around age 12 or maybe 11. Anyone else agree?

    • 1stAand2ndA says:

      And the story floating around is that she was likely impregnated when she was 9 years old.

      I can’t see how that can happen.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Another TOTAL BULLSHIT ‘story’ to bolster a pro-abortion narrative. If you have an abortion, you’ve done two things: Made it convenient for yourself to have unprotected sex wherever, whenever, w/ whomever you want, AND, you’ve COMMITTED MURDER…even if it isn’t recognized as such by ‘the State’. You claim ‘your body, my decision’. The first part is correct. It is your body. However, it ISN’T your decision. Your baby may be IN your body, but it is a separate being. Therefore, having an abortion should NOT be your decision.

  • Candace Warren says:

    Well, well, well. When Joe Biden isn’t outright LYING, he is getting the stories so muddled that they bear no resemblance ot the reality of anything. God save us from this MORON.

  • 1stAand2ndA says:

    There is a story out there about a 10 year old girl but they neglect to tell that it was done by an

    illegal migrant that got in likely during the Obama administration.



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