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Statue Honoring Revolutionary War Hero Removed After Nearly a Century

A statue dedicated to Revolutionary War hero Gen. Philip Schuyler that has stood over Albany’s city hall for nearly a century was removed on Saturday morning. The statue was removed because Schuyler owned slaves.

A moving crew hoisted the 9-foot-tall statue from its pedestal and loaded it onto a trailer around 8 a.m. on Saturday. The pedestal and a plaque were also removed from the site in New York state’s capitol. The removal of Schuyler’s statue took about three hours and reportedly cost the city $40,000.

The Gen. Philip Schuyler statue will be temporarily housed inside an undisclosed storage facility until a permanent location is determined. The city council will launch a monuments commission to decide where the statue will be relocated to.

The statue, which was originally erected in 1925, was removed because Schuyler was one of Albany’s largest slave owners.

The decision to remove the statue was first announced in the summer of 2020, which was a response to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots that ravaged U.S. cities. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, a Democrat, ordered the removal of the statue in June 2020. However, the removal was reportedly held up because an engineering study took years.

Sheehan said, “All of that took time, it took longer than I wanted it to.”

Mary Liz Stewart, the co-founder of the Underground Railroad Education Center, told WRGB, “I was glad action had been taken, I know it was pre-COVID when the issue of what to do, as we say ‘what to do with Phil’ actually started to percolate in the community. It was an outgrowth of what was going on in other cities around the country.”

Dr. Alice Green of the Center for Law and Justice said, “The statue is a continuing reminder that we were enslaved. It’s painful to have that reminder every time I go down to city hall or drive past it.”

Albany county legislator Jeff Perlee argued, “This isn’t to say that Schuyler was a perfect historical figure. He owned slaves, as was the unfortunate reality of the time for many – including President Washington. It was unquestionably wrong. But nobody is calling for Washington Avenue or Washington Park in Albany to be renamed.”

Schuyler served as a major general of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He was also a U.S. Senator representing New York. Schuyler was the father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton.

  • KatyK says:

    All these so-called “educators” are idiots. They’ve learned the ways of CRT and don’t know the real history of this land!

  • bonnie says:

    Removing historical objects is not going to remove a black person’s PTSD. I doubt the lady in question was enslaved. Probably not even 3 generations back. If she is suffering from historical events she probably needs professional help. Erasing history is not teaching, it is like people saying there was not a Holocaust, if you remove evidence it does not take it away, just out of the minds of people. She should be grateful her ancestors came to America, otherwise, she would not be enjoying the USA, but living in squalor and poverty in Africa. She might want to look at the statue and say “look how far we have come”.

  • Sherry says:

    Before long it will be all the illegal migrants want to take down all the new ones they are putting up. They will call it racist against them. Ha ha!

  • DavidM says:

    When are people going to get sick enough to stop this crap? They want to hide history! Are you to blind to see this?

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    Ah yes, a historical monument to a general who fought for our independence from Great Britain, a politician who campaigned for ratification of our Constitution is a threat to 21st century gutless little nazis. A reminder of what true men can accomplish also serves as a reminder what utter losers and un-American excuses for citizens those who wanted the removal are.

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