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Stabbing Attack: Two Nurses and Doctor Wounded at Los Angeles Hospital, Suspect in Custody

Three people were in critical condition after being stabbed in a Los Angeles-area hospital Friday afternoon, according to authorities.

Los Angeles police and a SWAT team responded to the Encino Hospital Medical Center after receiving reports of a suspect stabbing at least three people, all of whom are in critical condition. Three of the victims were identified as a doctor and two nurses and were transported to a trauma center for medical treatment, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

A suspect barricaded himself inside a room in the medical center, according to the LAPD. A hospital spokesperson said the suspect was taken into custody around 5 p.m. local time, according to NBC Los Angeles. However, police have not yet confirmed whether a suspect was apprehended, and some local outlets reported that law enforcement officials were still pursuing someone inside the building.

The victims were taken to Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center and were later confirmed to be in stable condition, a hospital spokesperson said.

It’s not entirely clear what events led up to the attack Friday evening. The suspect is believed to be a man who parked his car in the middle of the road outside the hospital and entered the emergency room asking for medical treatment related to his anxiety before the stabbings, according to ABC 7.

Multiple victims were seen being taken out of the hospital on stretchers, with one reportedly wearing a hospital uniform and the other appearing to be a patient. Officials with the LAPD and the Los Angeles Fire Department both responded to the scene.

The building was locked down, according to officials. Further details on the victims and suspect were not immediately available.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Wheres armed security??

  • George says:

    Time to ban all knives communists

  • fed-up-patriot says:

    So yesterday in Naperville, Illinois, a perp was shot to death AFTER an attack at a police officer with a hatchet. Now we have these knife attacks. Clearly this shows it’s NOT the guns they should be worried about, but the mentally deranged perpetrators bent on destruction for whatever reason they can conjure up. If every gun was taken away, (fat chance,) there would still be assaults and murders. Humans have been going after each other with swords, battering rams and poles, you-name-it for centuries before a gun was even thought of! They will unfortunately find any number of ways to commit murder(s) and mayhem, and pain and suffering with all kinds of creative ways. As a Biblical principle, we humans are born into sin, and it doesn’t take much to see that it is true!

  • D. Price says:

    Misleading headline! Drop the sensationalism and stick with the facts or join the list of fake news!

  • Sue S says:

    Now I suppose we will need to limit access to assault knives. Liberal logic.

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