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Speaker Johnson Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks

House Speaker Mike Johnson only had kind words to say about Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene when asked about the Georgia lawmaker’s push to have him ousted from his leadership position.

Greene, a Republican, last month introduced a motion to vacate Johnson after the speaker worked across the aisle to put forth a $1.2 trillion spending bill that spared the federal government from a partial shutdown.

Johnson has faced heavy criticism from some of the more conservative members of the House as the GOP remains divided on spending issues, such as authorizing additional military assistance to Ukraine.

Greene has also repeatedly attacked Johnson publicly, claiming that he is as Democratic as Congresswoman and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and bringing Johnson’s Christian faith into question on several occasions.

But speaking with reporters on Thursday, Johnson took the high road when responding to Greene’s comments, saying, “I respect Marjorie. She will always have an open door to the speaker’s office.”

“We do have honest differences on strategy sometimes but share the same conservative beliefs,” Johnson continued, according to a report from CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju.

“In spite of our Republican majority of just a single seat in just one chamber of Congress, we are still fighting this administration every day to make policy changes. A shutdown would not serve our party or assist us in our mission of saving the republic by growing our majority, nor will another motion to vacate.”

“As I have always said, national security starts at our southern border,” the speaker continued.

“Any funding of [President Joe Biden’s] supplemental request should be premised on meaningful policy to help the American people and finally address the invasion at our southern border.”

Greene also suggested this week while speaking to conservative commentator Tucker Carlson that Johnson showed signs of being “blackmailed,” claiming that he had “completely changed his character in a matter of about five months after he has become speaker of the House.”

Greene also spoke with Raju on Wednesday on her efforts to oust Johnson, telling the reporter that she is “not backing off at all” on her push. Greene specifically warned that any move from Johnson on pushing a Ukraine package would “move the needle,” adding, “Funding Ukraine is probably one of the most egregious things that he can do.”

  • rcp5 says:

    He sure put on a good show at the beginning and then seems to have lost his way. I thought he was going to stop the demons from getting their bills to include financial funding for out of country give aways. Bills should have 1 issue to vote on, NOT a ton of issues requiring several hundred pages to list them. This is how democrats hide their BS give aways. NO TIME TO READ WHAT THE BILL IS, JUST SING IT AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS LATER………..Typical way the democrats waste taxpayers money for their own benefit.

  • Dorothy says:

    So sick and tired of these Politicians. They mostly want money and favors. Thank God for Marjorie, she seems to be the only one who speaks out. How long is this damn border going to stay open? We are now a third World country. Get these damn Illegals out of here. We had enough.

  • JB says:

    They are all acting like children. Any bill is a bad bill that gives more money to other countries than to our own. I think the first bill presented by the democrats had a lot of pork in it with a small amount for the border and Greene was mad because Johnson would not bring it to the floor. I haven’t read this one. I am so sick of the uncaring attitude toward the people of our country. The Republicans are going to mess around and give the democrats control of the house. Throw the whole bunch of them out. Both parties. Start over with term limits.

    • Russian says:

      “They are all acting like children”.
      They ALL acting as Enemies of American People.
      Hang their CUBS (Bible, Old Testament, Exodus, 34:7) and then their.

  • JR says:

    Speaker Johnson is just another “sellout” for the American People. He gave US such high hope for stopping the Democrat agenda of blowing OUR money on foreign wars and support for countries other than our own, while allowing the invasion of our sovereign borders. A “good man” would not aid evil corruption as he has done. His “reasoning” has no historical basis as government shutdowns have never harmed the Republicans as a Party. In fact, they have always preceded a strong comeback for Rs in subsequent elections. It is way too late in the cycle to concern ourselves with taking him out now, but we must see to it that he loses reelection and is never afforded such power again as he is a spineless coward who obviously has weak faith.

    • TJS says:

      And – Johnson made a lot of noise about moving ahead with impeaching Biden, but – then – all of a sudden – nothing. He was either bought off or blackmailed. Tired of hearing him say what a wonderful Christian he is – should call him Judas.



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