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Shooting at Las Vegas Office Near Casino Resort, 3 Killed Including Suspect

A shooting occurred around 10 am local time at an office building near Pavilion Center Drive and Charleston in Summerlin, Las Vegas. 3 people have been killed including the suspect.

According to sources who spoke to KTNV, the incident took place during a deposition at Prince Law Group, a law firm.

According to the outlet, the shots were fired amid the deposition and the killer shot two before turning the gun on himself. It took place on the fifth floor of the City National Bank Building which contains the Prince Law Group offices.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police got a call right after 10 am on Monday about the incident.

Officers shut down the area in response to the shooting and asked people to avoid the area.

LVMPD posted, “We are investigating a shooting inside a business near Pavilion Center Drive and Charleston. This is a dynamic event and multiple LVMPD emergency vehicles are responding. Please avoid the area. We will have more info soon.”

Law enforcement confirmed that there is no ongoing threat, according to CBS 8 News Now. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed the number of people dead to the outlet.

  • James Leamons says:

    My bet? Divorce deposition…

    • Tamirose170 says:

      Yes, but the Father-in-Law of Mother & Father is the one who killed both of them (both Attorney Prince) and then turned the gun on himself. Poor child or children that are now left without ANY parent.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    I’m going to guess the “PRINCE” Law Group will now be disbanded. How devastating for their child(children). To have a Father-in-Law show up at a Child Custody Deposition and shoot and kill both the Mother AND the Father (Attorney Prince #1 and Attorney Prince #2) over a Child Custody issue is absolutely devastating. Then the Father-in-Law turned the gun on himself.

    Prayers for the Child or Children left in the Prince Family that they somehow are able to get MANDATED Counseling for years and are placed in a loving home that never shows friction… allow these little people to find happiness and love again in life.

    How absolutely devastating for the children. How can any adult think THAT is a solution? What has happened to this World? We need God and Prayer back into Day to Day life now more than we’ve ever needed it in life. The more and more the FOUNDATION of Mankind is stripped, challenged, mocked, replaced with a hateful Qu’ran and fake God Allah….to worse mankind becomes across the globe.

    IF he can feed thousands with a few fish and a7 loaves of bread and resurrect in 3 days ~ he can Restore Faith and Belief in all. We’re going to need him as soon as possible, as every Nation is on the downward trajectory ~ and many at Rock Bottom.

    WARNING to those who are on “X” (Twitter) please note that a good majority of the videos being posted are years old. Yesterday, I came across 6 videos posted that were from 5+ years ago…I think someone or some group is intentionally digging up emotional film footage, to keep ALL of us fuming, filled with anger or depression, making us feel as if the End of the World must be close because it has never been this bad, etc…..I think this horrible “game” is disgusting. Before allowing emotions to ruin your day or forwarding any story to anyone, take 2 minutes and find out via the Internet on when the actual event took place. I thought the first video I quickly located on the Internet (female pilot having a breakdown over a recent divorce and yelling at a plane filled w/passengers about whether they would give her 10 min to get her uniform on or could she fly the plane as dress and not to worry, she’d let the MALE CoPilot fly the plane mostly) – clearly it was posted with a smart aleck comment about DEI but this United Pilot snapped 7 years ago, eventually got off the plane herself (after 20+ passengers disembarked) and she quit her job with United. So what was the point in posting it, to incite anger over DEI (something that didn’t exist 7 yrs ago?) = THIS must be intentional, to keep us UPSET and push us over the edge???



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