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RNC Layoffs: More Than 60 Staffers Fired After Tump Takeover

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently undergoing a significant overhaul of its staff. Fox News has confirmed that the new leadership team, closely aligned with former President Donald Trump, has initiated a bold move to streamline the organization by dismissing dozens of staffers. This comes shortly after Laura Trump, a key figure in the Trump political dynasty, ascended to the position of RNC co-chair.

The firings, described by insiders as a “wild firing spree,” signify a robust effort by the new RNC leadership to reshape the committee’s direction and strategy ahead of crucial upcoming electoral battles. Sources close to the developments indicate that the purge is part of a broader strategy to consolidate influence and reorient the RNC’s operational focus.

Laura Trump’s appointment as co-chair was seen as a pivotal moment for the RNC, heralding a new era of leadership that is expected to closely mirror the political and ideological leanings of the Trump faction within the GOP. Her rise to a prominent leadership position within the RNC was met with both acclaim and skepticism, underscoring the deep divisions within the party about its future direction and the role of the Trump family within its ranks.

Politico reported:

All told, the expectation is that more than 60 RNC staffers who work across the political, communications and data departments will be let go. Those being asked to resign include five members of the senior staff, though the names were not made public. Additionally, some vendor contracts are expected to be cut.

In a letter to some political and data staff, Sean Cairncross, the RNC’s new chief operating officer, said that the new committee leadership was “in the process of evaluating the organization and staff to ensure the building is aligned” with its vision. “During this process, certain staff are being asked to resign and reapply for a position on the team.”

The overhaul is aimed at cutting, what one of the people described as, “bureaucracy” at the RNC. But the move also underscores the swiftness with which Trump’s operation is moving to take over the Republican Party’s operations after the former president all but clinched the party’s presidential nomination last week.

Michael Whatley, who voiced support for Trump’s disputed voter fraud allegations, ascended to the top position of national chairman on Friday, officially replacing Ronna Romney McDaniel. Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, stepped into the co-chair position.

In February, Ronna McDaniel announced she would resign from office on March 8th, keeping with her promise to step down after the South Carolina primary. At the committee’s spring meeting, McDaniel expressed mixed emotions, saying, “It is a little bit bittersweet to be with all of you here today as I step down as chair after seven years of working with you all.”

In a speech following his election, Whatley assured RNC members, “The RNC is going to be the vanguard of a movement that will work tirelessly every single day to elect our nominee, Donald J. Trump, as the 47th President of the United States.”

  • MAGA Republican says:

    If you want a job done and done right, hire a Trump!!!

  • Richard Mundy says:

    Good grief Truth Press why can’t you people get her right it’s Lara Trump.



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