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RFK Jr. Posts Push-Up Video After Viral Bench Press: ‘Getting in Shape for Debates with Biden’

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted a video Sunday of himself doing push-ups shirtless in jeans one day after Twitter erupted over a viral video of him bench pressing.

“Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden!” Kennedy tweeted.

“As President, I will restore America as the global example of health & well-being. Not through pills or syringes, but through character and self-discipline. And I will continue to walk the walk and lead by example.”

“Americans gained an average of 29 pounds during the Covid lockdowns. I will help turn this around by encouraging our citizens to exercise, eat well, and fortify their immune systems by removing harmful chemicals from our food.”

Fitness gurus and conservative activists praised Kennedy for his physical abilities and imposing physique after the video of his bench pressing skills went viral.

“This video should INSPIRE all men,” Jason Helmes, a fitness coach and owner of Anyman fitness, tweeted. “RFK looks like a tank.”

Kennedy is running in the Democratic primary against President Biden. He has delivered his message largely across podcast platforms, most notably the Joe Rogan Experience.

“suddenly i want to vote for rfk,” Ashley St. Claire of the Babylon Bee tweeted.

“Sol Brah,” a health influencer, said he has seen Kennedy at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California and is impressed by his output.

“Saw RFK JR at golds gym in Venice a couple times, Always working hard,” he tweeted. “This is great to see. All leaders and politicians should lift.”

“I have decided to vote in 2024 I am a single issue voter,” Alexander Cortes, a fitness influencer tweeted. “Whoever is most JACKED AND TAN has my vote. RFK Jr is that man.”

The video of Kennedy on the incline bench press was tweeted by Ryan Calder, a fitness coach, who clarified the presidential candidate was bench pressing double the weight shown in earlier sets.

“This was his last dropset at 50% of his max for today,” Calder tweeted. “I joined just to spot his last set. He’s the greatest Presidential Champion in history. By far. Solid human being and leader.”

Twitter user Eugene Marinelli noted that if Calder’s claims are true, Kennedy can likely incline bench more than 300 lbs in one rep.

“RFK could be the first president to bench 3 plates while in office,” Marinelli tweeted.

Kennedy will turn 70-years-old next year.

“If this video purportedly of RFK JR is authentic, then he must have our support,” Mike Cernovich, a filmmaker, tweeted. “No one lifting shirtless in sun with jeans, tuned up on TRT, would ever betray this great country.”

  • CH says:

    If pedo joe actually shows up to debate, you need to demand to check him for earpieces. We all know he’s got his handlers spoon feeding him answers to any question through a wire. He doesn’t have enough brain cells functioning to answer any questions on his own.

  • D says:

    Nobody needs to work out to be in shape against Biden, he is a pile of shit in a suit.

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