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Reporters Erupt in Anger Over Biden Refusing to Take Questions

The White House is shielding President Joe Biden from the press as they refuse to let him take questions after promising they would have the chance to during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Reporters erupted in anger on Friday following his press conference with Varadkar after Biden smiled, raised his eyebrows, and ignored shouting questions, leaving the Irish Prime Minister to talk to reporters on the White House driveway.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre promised reporters they would get a chance to speak with the president. The press pointed out that Biden dodging questions is becoming a pattern when world leaders visit the U.S.

“I’ve spoken to this many times… I’ve brought it up many times, and I gave an explanation that these are diplomatic conversations that happen with the countries that are visiting, and it is something that is decided in that way,” Jean-Pierre had said on a day before. “You’re going to have an opportunity, or your colleagues are going to have an opportunity, to ask questions during the pool spray at the Oval that happens every time a head of state visits. So that is an opportunity to be able to pose a question to the president or the head of state that is visiting at the White House on that day.”

However, reporters disagreed, noting that Biden never answers questions during the pool sprays.

“Karine, he never answers questions during those pool sprays,” a reporter said.

“That’s not true,” Jean-Pierre fought back. “He’s answered questions,” despite Biden not answering questions the following day.

“We get shouted at,” a reporter told the press secretary. “We get shoved out.”

Another said, “we get yelled at, ‘press, thank you! Thank you!'”

Jean-Pierre still insisted that Biden takes questions, dismissing reporters’ remarks.

Earlier this month, Biden also refused to answer questions during German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to the White House and when U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met the president in San Diego.

  • Crash says:

    It’s okay by me…I don’t particularly want to hear anything he has to say, and he would only lie anyway.

  • Arrest Killer Fauci Now says:

    Hitler killed around 6 million Jews, and is considered a monster. The WHO gives a figure of about 6,800,000 deaths due to Covid. i.e., Anthony Fauci”s financed gain of function research, and he’s enjoying a rich retirement. Why hasn’t this fiend been arrested?

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