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Report: Putin’s Car Attacked in Attempted Assassination Plot

Daily Mail is reporting Wednesday that Vladimir Putin’s car was hit in an attempted assassination plot.

Putin allegedly escaped to safety. According to reports, there were several arrests made after the incident.

Daily Mail reported:

Vladimir Putin’s car was ‘attacked’ in what may have been an assassination attempt amid the Ukraine war, according to an unconfirmed claim.

His limousine was hit by a ‘loud bang’ on its ‘left front wheel followed by heavy smoke’, it is alleged.

The car drove to safety with Putin unharmed but there have been multiple arrests from his security service – while other bodyguards have vanished – amid claims that secret information about the 69-year-old ruler’s movements was compromised, says General SVR Telegram channel.

General SVR is a Russian Telegram channel which regularly posts alleged insider information about Putin and the Kremlin.

While some are sceptical of General SVR, others say it is one of the few prominent anti-Putin channels in Russia that provides an insight into the true goings-on at the Kremlin.

According to the anti-Kremlin channel, Putin was travelling back to his official residence on an unspecified date in a decoy or ‘backup’ motorcade amid deep security fears.

This comprised five armoured cars, with Putin in the third, according to the claim.

‘On the way to the residence, a few kilometres away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, [and] the second escort car drove around without stopping [due to the] sudden obstacle, and during the detour of the obstacle.

In Putin’s car ‘a loud bang sounded from the left front wheel followed by heavy smoke’.

Putin’s car ‘despite the problems with control’ made its way out of the attack scene to reach the safety of the residence.

‘Subsequently, the body of a man was found driving [the] ambulance, which blocked the first car from the motorcade,’ said SVR General.

‘The head of the president’s bodyguard [service] and several other people have been suspended and are in custody,’ claimed the channel, without naming anyone.

‘A narrow circle of people knew about the movement of the president in this cortege, and all of them were from the presidential security service.

‘After the incident, three of them disappeared.

‘These were exactly the people who were in the first car of the motorcade.

‘Their fate is currently unknown.

‘The car on which they were traveling was found empty a few kilometres from the incident.’

  • Who me! says:

    Too bad it didn’t happen.

  • mogul264 says:

    If you going to attempt to take out the boss, better have back-up!

  • Phil Barberg says:

    I wonder if Putin got the message? He was lucky this time.

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