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Report: Pennsylvania Is Trending Republican Just as We Head Into 2024

Despite Biden’s constant claims of being ‘Scranton Joe,’ the voters of the Keystone State are increasingly trending Republican, just in time for 2024.

A reporter for NBC recently spoke to Pennsylvania voters about the economy and got an earful about how unsatisfied people are with Biden.

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016, so it can certainly happen again.

FOX News reports:

Democrats in Biden’s home state are leaving for the Republican Party in droves, voter data shows

Democrats in Pennsylvania — President Biden’s birthplace — are flipping to the Republican Party in droves, according to the swing state’s recent voter registration data.

Pennsylvania holds crucial importance for Biden’s reelection bid. He notably hailed Philadelphia campaign donors as the “backbone” of his presidential campaign earlier this year.

As of Dec. 18, 35,589 Democrats reregistered as Republicans in the state so far this year; in contrast, 15,622 Republicans switched to the Democratic Party, data from the state department shows.

The state trend was first reported Tuesday by Newsweek.

Biden’s ties to his home state deepen with wife Jill’s roots in Montgomery County and granddaughter Maisy’s recent graduation from the University of Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that Biden would make his first visit to Philadelphia on Jan. 6.

Nathan Benefield, senior vice president of the Commonwealth Foundation — a Pennsylvania-based public policy think tank — said that while Pennsylvania is a swing state, “by all the polling, Joe Biden is unpopular here,” and much of it is attributed to the president’s “Bidenomics.”

Republican activist Scott Pressler says the state is in play.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    When Democrats decide to switch parties and vote Republican against their native-born fair hair Joe Biden you know you’re in trouble.

  • Bonnie Bickford says:

    This is stupid. Stop this insanity



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