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Project Veritas Lays Off Almost All Employees

As soon as it was posted on Twitter and Telegram it was gone, but reports are coming in from Project Veritas staff that they’ve all been fired.

A source told The Post Millennial that the CFO will be replaced by George Skakel tonight.

A post from Project Veritas read “SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all.” And then it was gone. Only 18 people are left on staff.

Giles, who became notorious for starring in the ACORN video with founder and former CEO James O’Keefe, took over for O’Keefe after he was summarily pushed out by the board of directors. She took over as CEO only to destroy the company entirely.

“She came to all hands in April with her fat sidekick Ben Wetmore and all they did for 3 days was talk shit about James and relitigate all the terrible things he did to her/them 10-12 years ago. I knew right then her entire agenda was revenge,” a source said.

On-air talent Christian Hartsock, James Lalino were both laid off after Giles told staff that a restructuring would be underway. Kalen Eriksson, Jaime Phillips, Alyssa Dehen, were also fired. The terminations were done via a Zoom call with HR, with a few of those in the New York office. Giles did not make an appearance.

“She’s a lying sack of sh*t,” a source told The Post Millennial. “No one respected her anyway.”

Five people were let go on Monday, including the executive news producer Pam Browne. She was brought in by O’Keefe last year. Some of those who were fired were allegedly released in retaliation for their undercover work. Those who are left are primarily admin people, and about 20 people were fired Thursday.

The production team is gutted, and only a few undercover journalists remain to help with fundraising. After the blood bath, the team chats saw Giles mercilessly roasted.

“Since James quit,” a source told Post Millennial, “the donations dried up…the donations never resumed. The board were desperate to bring Hannah on board because they thought it would be cute but the problem is she’s a charlatan and a fraud. Everything she’s ever done has been a failure and she lied to everyone claiming she had all these donors she could bring in.”

“She came along in April,” a source said, “and to my knowledge she never brought in a penny.”

A letter from Project Veritas attorney, obtained by The Post Millennial, was sent to staff, reading:

“On August 9, 2023 I was informed that the PV board of directors voted on August 8, 2023 to no longer indemnify Spencer Meads and Eric Cochran. I had a meeting with George Skakel, Hannah Giles, and John Sullivan later that afternoon to express my concerns. I was told the main reason for the decision was to save money which seemed disingenuous considering the outstanding balances of Spencer’s attorney and Eric’s attorney, when combined, total roughly $45,000.00, according to Tom O’Hara. To compromise on the values and ethics held by the employees of this organization is simply wrong. It sets a dangerous precedent that at any given moment, Project Veritas can withhold providing legal protection to current journalists operating legally in the field. After expressing my concerns, I was told that I should postpone contacting their attorneys while the board reconsidered their decision.

“This afternoon, at 2:38 p.m., I received a text from Hannah stating, ‘Hey, go ahead and tell Eddie the above, and alert Spencer & Eric’s Attorney’s about the decision the board made the other night. It currently stands as is.’

“This email is in response to the directive I was given. Not only is it unethical to no longer protect journalists that have gone out into the field and risked their livelihoods to for the betterment of our country, I believe ceasing to do so will open Project Veritas to legal liability. Ten days ago, on July 31, 2023, we published the Ashley Biden Diary story (against the wishes of Eric Cochran and others) with a main goal of raising money for the legal defenses of our journalists. In the piece, Hannah states ‘we continue to provide representation to all of them.’ All of them means Spencer Meads, Eric Cochran, and James O’Keefe.

“There are serious issues with honesty in telling the public we are providing representation for Spencer and Eric and then mere days later voting to cease that representation. There may also be fraud given Project Veritas solicited funds based upon that claim which is now no longer true. In that vein, with all respect to all involved, I must and do hereby decline to participate in this decision or the execution of it.”

  • James Leamons says:

    O’keefe can really read the tea leaves. 5 months to not being able to pay the rent must be some kind of record for ineptitude…

  • sandy^ says:

    They did not get it, James O’Keefe was Project Veritas. Another state store closes down.

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