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Pentagon Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Train in Oklahoma

Shortly after the US announced it will send a Patriot air defense system and more weapons to Ukraine, a Pentagon spokesperson has now announced a group of Ukrainian soldiers will come to the United States to train on a Patriot system so they’ll be ready when their own system arrives.

Pentagon Press Secretary Gen. Pat Ryder in a press conference on Tuesday stated “Training for Ukrainian forces on the Patriot air defense system will begin as soon as next week at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.”

Gen. Ryder would note that 90 to 100 Ukranian troops will train to operate and sustain a Patriot air defensive system.

The training will reportedly take several months.

The Department of Defense would report Ukrainian soldiers would receive hands-on training with the Patriot systems, classroom work and also time testing their new skills in a simulation lab.

More from the Pentagon:

Many Americans are concerned of the Pentagon’s new move and believe it is a National Security concern.

Republican State Senator Nathan Dahm is one of them and even recently filed a SCR2 in an attempt to stop any foreign troops from training on Oklahoma soil.

  • kumf says:

    The Biden Administration refuses to protect Americans , he has blood on his hands with open borders. Biden and the Generals will protect a foreign country and let Americans die….When you join the Military you take an oath to protect America from enemies Foreign and Domestic…..Biden and the Democrats are the Bin laden of America…..The Cartels own the Border, Chinese has police departments in the USA, . the incompetence of Biden kills America civilians…America is Bleeding out.

  • Patricia Ann says:

    Why in God’s name are we training Foreign Troupes on American soil? You know this is not going to go well with Russia nor any other Country that is worried about being taken over. Keep foreign wars in their own country. We have enough problems here as it is. Do you think these Foreigners will help us in any way when we get attacked? You think they will send us money or troops to help us? Never! God is watching and He is not going to help “STUPID” people, which our Government seems to be. May God Bless

    • D says:

      America has trained many for many other countries. But the point that gets me is why are we giving them “Billions of dollars in cash and Billions more in weapons and cannot take care of our own border? And million of dollars in weapons that were sent to Ukrain have “FOUND” their way to other countries already. Millions od dollars that were sent to Ukraine were found in Affrica, what about that?

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