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New Biden Campaign Ad Mocked Over Laughable Claim About His Mental State

If President Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad is any indication, his team is worried about America’s perception of his current mental acuity.

And it doesn’t look like this video is going to help.

The 30-second spot, which was released on social media Thursday, opens with a man identified as Jojo Burgess, from Washington, Pennsylvania, who claims to have beeen a “proud steelworker” for more than two decades.

That’s what gives him the credibility to say “I know hard work when I see it,” or at least that’s what Biden’s handlers apparently believe.

That’s to back up the overall message of the spot: “President Biden gets things done.” Except that the ad actually does little to prove that, instead making the claim that Biden is “sharp as a knife.”

“I love to tell the story about meeting President Biden,” Burgess said, “because when you meet him — this guy’s as sharp as knife.”

He then claimed that “they” — the X post identified “them” as “MAGA Republicans” — “have nothing else to attack, because they can’t attack the things that he’s doing that are so good for this country.”

I beg to differ, Mr. Burgess. The Western Journal has pointed out Biden’s loose relationship with the truth, his foreign policy disasters, the incompetence of his campaign staff, his dangerous lack of border enforcement — and don’t even get met started on his electric vehicle push or the economy.

And those are all written in just the past week or two. There’s no lack of subject matter when it comes to pointing out this president’s failings.

Burgess continued by citing three areas — giving no evidence or even specific claims — of job growth and infrastructure improvements under Biden.

“Joe Biden gets things done,” he concluded. “That’s just who he is.”

Responses to the ad when it was posted to X were probably not what the campaign was hoping for — but they were probably about what they should have expected.

What exactly have you gotten done except get us into more wars and raise inflation and interest rates I just don’t understand how you can claim you’re getting things done. You are literally literally doing the exact opposite

There were, of course, some replies supporting the president — the man is currently tied, more or less, in national polls (though former President Donald Trump has an slight edge in swing state polling and therefore the Electoral College), so of course he has his supporters.

But it’s unlikely that this video is going to remove any doubts his detractors have about his fitness for a second term.

  • Sweetie says:

    Come on out and meet us Mr. Biden. The American people aren’t going to vote for you otherwise. Your gaffes, stumbling, mumbling and bumbling caught on cameras and played over and again on the screen can only be dispelled by showing us in the flesh “It ain’t so.”

  • Tamirose170 says:

    JoJo Burgess is the Mayor of Washington PA & friends w/Joe & Jill Biden! I used to live in Allegheny County PA for 40+ yrs and was curious what “Steel Mill” he has worked for 20+ yrs as most are NO longer & leveled into Strip Malls, etc. He’s an OFFICE Trainer and MAYOR, who is dear friends of The Biden’s. This is not a real authentic voice of a “steelworker” – he pushes paper for a living outside of Pittsburgh.

    Burgess has been a friend of Biden’s since before being elected mayor last year. He was first lady Jill Biden’s guest at the State of the Union speech in 2022.

    He works at U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works as an employee organization trainer. Burgess has been a steelworker for 23 years. (From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review newspaper)

    ALL hype and no doubt, Joe helped Jojo get elected as Mayor. His job as US Steel Clairton Coke Works employees only 3700 people and was currently just sold to JAPAN. US Steel shareholders Friday overwhelmingly approved a deal for the iconic American manufacturer to be purchased by Japan’s Nippon Steel. (April 12, 2024 CNN News Article online)

    Joe and Jojo are talking about STEEL JOBS – – Hopefully folks around the Pittsburgh area can learn how to speak JAPANESE and those overpaid steelworkers have a RUDE awakening to them coming – Japans’ culture is 180 from America’s. They wouldn’t tolerate 90% of American behavior, especially obese black men pushing politics and false stories to be a representative of their Japan Nippon Steel plant.



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