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NATO Moves Ahead with Nuclear Deterrent Drills Next Week

NATO is going to move ahead with its annual nuclear deterrent drills next week.

The drills have particular importance this year considering the growing threat of nuclear war with Russia under the Biden regime.

God help us.

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported:

The annual nuclear deterrent exercises, which are set to take place next week amid escalating tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine, will go on as scheduled, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO has confirmed that it’s sticking to plans for its annual nuclear drill, even as the escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict spurs fears of a direct and catastrophic confrontation between Moscow and the Western military bloc.

“This is routine training, which happens every year, to keep our deterrent safe, secure and effective,” NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Tuesday. The exercise, known as Steadfast Noon, will be held next week. It typically brings together dozens of aircraft from member nations and practices a nuclear strike mission. The jets typically don’t carry live warheads, RT reported.

US President Joe Biden warned last week that Russia and the West face a greater threat of nuclear “Armageddon” than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years ago. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that his country will use “all the means available to us” to defend its people and territory – a statement that Washington and its NATO allies have interpreted as a threat to deploy nuclear weapons.

  • Rudog says:

    LOCATION..LOCATION..LOCATION???!!! So we wanna know… what’s the big forkin’ secret on the AO??

  • DustyDog2 says:

    Pretty stupid decision given the current state of growing confrontation with Russia, the target of the training exercise! Would any of our STUPID leaders, both in the Pentagon and an office somewhere in NATO, suspect that this might look like a threat and that Putin might be on high alert. And that all it takes is one STUPID move and we could be in a full nuclear war. A bunch of unelected bureaucrats are playing Chicken with the biggest nuclear power in the world and a leader that they are prone to term ‘unpredictable’. We need adult leadership!

  • John says:

    NATO is the Antichrist demonic pigs and communist elitist warmongers that are causing nuclear war they’re the last ones I trust to stop it Trump was right NATO needs to be disbanded and the demons shipped off to their favorite communist country

  • Ron says:

    Nato was bought off long ago by the deep state. Putin made it clear, he only wanted those areas where Russians are living in Ukraine. We’ve had enough Wars and financing wars ! Stop. The only people that benefit are the Bankers, Material suppliers, and politicians. We were suckered into Vietnam, then Iraq, then Afganistan. So now we are going to support the Azov, Nazi batallian in Ukraine. No more

  • Ron says:

    This Bear is being poked by the instigators, the Bankers. They profit the most from War, lending to the governments. The Central Banks have a major say in most governments around the world. I dont think people realize that. ( Like the Federal Reserve )

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