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National Archives Looked Into Even More Biden Locations, But We Weren’t Told

According to emails revealed under a FOIA request, the National Archives looked into even more locations than we have been told for Biden documents.

The email communication exchange starting Nov. 7, 2022 (the day before the election) — between National Archives lawyer Gary Stern and Biden attorneys Bob Bauer and Patrick Moore — reveal that they were looking to recover documents.

The email says they would like to “come back” to the DC Penn-Biden Center office to assess the remaining boxes. This was five days after Patrick Moore reportedly found classified documents in Joe Biden’s Penn Biden office.

Look at how nice and sweet they are — compared to the treatment we saw with President Donald Trump.

Then notice they ask about something else we haven’t been told — are there any documents in the “PA Penn Biden offices”? We weren’t told that there were any other offices that Biden had in connection with the Penn-Biden Center. There’s that wonderful Biden transparency again.

They then have emails back and forth to arrange the time and get the National Archives person’s clearance to get into the offices.

But then there’s this intriguing email that includes, “[P]lease ensure that the boxes in your office in Boston remain secure in a locked space and are not accessed by anyone. Thanks.”

This raises yet another question that hasn’t been said in the Biden team’s statements — that some of the Biden documents from his DC Penn Biden Center office which had been sent to Patrick Moore’s office in Boston. Why would that be? It’s still not been explained why a highly paid attorney would be engaged in packing up an office, to begin with. One has to think that it’s because they knew there could be a problem.

NARA’s Jay Bosanko later said that they needed to “change our approach.”

The following day — election day — they said that they needed to pick up the documents at the Boston office and move them to the JFK library.

These emails were part of a 74-page filing released Friday by the Archives as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the Boston part of the emails on Friday during the briefing. KJP refused to answer the question and referred it to the White House Counsel’s office.

She also refused to say on Sunday whether there had been any other FBI searches.

It is not clear if any classified documents were found as a result of these other searches/seizing of documents — they haven’t told us that but it’s pretty clear at this point that you can’t expect them to offer up any information or to be honest about anything. The emails also scream about the difference in treatment compared to Trump — this sounds like buddies arranging a golf game. How do they know things weren’t being hidden or destroyed, with all the multiple locations? What a mess. They were ordered not to reveal the finds of classified documents to the public and we still haven’t been told who ordered them not to release the public statements they were reportedly prepared to make about the finds.

  • Ernest James Thurston says:

    Why isn’t there a FBI swat team surrounding the DC Penn Biden Center. How is it that the cecter gets to reject a request from the Archives and say they won’t release the documents until 2 years after Biden leaves office. The documents are US Government property whether they are classified or not. If the US Archives is the legal depository of all government documents produced by the President then they are not his to give to any other agency outside the government and they are not his to take home. This isn’t like the government employee taking a Skilcraft government pen or a stapler home.

  • DG says:

    Again, suppression of information that may have influenced voters.

  • JJ says:

    It’s the hiding, the secretive behavior, the lies, the back room, closed door deals that bother me!! It’s the passing laws that we have no idea about! It seems like they are elected by us but then they turn and plot against us!! Are they breaking the law, conniving some sick plan to perpetrate on the American people?? I am also angry with the double standard that abides in this country!! There are very few politicians who are really trying to do the right things!!

  • Tamirose170 says:

    So when will Whoopi Goldberg and the other wind bags on “The View” get all angry, flustered, screaming in rants & demanding that BIDEN and GANG abide by the LAWS? Just curious – as they milked that topic for DAYS after the FBI knocked on Trumps door and stormed his private residence. Biden scattered Classified Files like Fertilizer, it seems, for 40+ years – – I wonder if they have searched his brother, James and his son, Hunter’s location(s). I just want to see the cackling hens say anything negative or inquisitive about their pal Joe – – – Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Nadler and Obama have the largest PASSES in American History – – If any Republican/Conservative does some THING – they are run up the flag pole for all to see when exposed; but when the Top 5 Democrat Families do anything illegal or atrocious – – crickets.

  • Julie says:

    Dirty, dirty, dirty. Absolutely NO transparency. The most non-transparent presidency. Hides as much as possible. Won’t stand up to enemies and their threats. Caters to the CCP. Lies, lies, lies. Nothing but corruption through and through, starting from Joe to all his admin.



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