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Mysterious Liberal Groups Are Running a Massive Election Bribery Scheme in Wisconsin

On Tuesday Dan O’Donnell from NewsTalk 1130 in Wisconsin broke a huge report on a leftist bribery scandal operating in Wisconsin before the upcoming state Supreme Court race.

Liberal groups are paying voters $250 to sway their friends to vote for the leftist Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewics.

This amounts to election bribery, a felony in Wisconsin punishable by up to three years in prison.


Here is an example of how one operative could make $270 from the app.

According to O’Donnell at NewsTalk1130:

Those who respond to the text expressing interest in the offer are given instructions to log in to a live training session on Zoom in which organizers explain how the program works. A video recording of one such training session the day after the Supreme Court primary reveals that people aren’t just talking to their friends and family about voting, but rather adding their names and contact information to Wisconsin Takes Action’s database and then repeatedly contacting them to ensure that they vote for liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz.

This was made abundantly clear during the hour-long training session.

“The primary was just last night for the Supreme Court so we know who will be on the ballot in the general election,” said one organizer who introduced himself as Christian. “We have Dan Kelly, the conservative former Supreme Court justice and then Janet Protasiewicz—the progressive circuit court judge currently—and she is the progressive candidate who just won the primary.

“Of course, Wisconsin Takes Action is focused on putting forth progressive ideas and implementing progressive laws, so, you know, we really are looking forward to her as the candidate for this upcoming election.”

To get her elected, Christian explained, the group is using a technique called “relational organizing.”

“It’s really simple. In traditional organizing in campaigns, we may think about campaign offices, someone making a call to a constituent and telling someone to go vote, someone they don’t know. In relational organizing, you’re talking to people who you do know and that’s really effective because you talking to your father to go vote or your sister or your friend is a lot more effective than me telling them to go vote because I don’t know them. But with you, there’s a lot more connection or relationship built and more reason for them to be compelled to go vote.”

However, people who take part in this relational organizing campaign—whom the group calls “community mobilizers”—are paid per person who they deliver to the Wisconsin Takes Action database and, ultimately, to the polls to cast a vote for Protasiewicz.

This is in direct violation of Wisconsin Statute § 12.11, which provides that “any person who offers, gives, lends or promises to give or lend…anything of value…to, or for, any elector, or to or for any other person in order to induce any elector to go or refrain from going to the polls, vote or refrain from voting [or] vote or refrain from voting for or against a particular person” commits felony election bribery.

Read the rest here.

  • Eyes to see says:

    The Devil never sleeps. Hence the 24/7/365 election cheating. The reason it seems worse than ever is because IT IS. Satan’s reign as prince of this world is nearing its end and his fury and destruction will continue practically unabated until the return of the Lord. Behold, the birthing pangs are increasing in rate and intensity as prophesied. Iran is nuclear armed. China and Russia aligning. Apostate false religion flourishing……

    Stay strong and continue to fight the good fight. Be a watcher, even a doer in the pursuit of what is just until the end. Support who you believe is on the right side in this war of good and evil, but don’t put your “faith” in men, they are fallible.

  • fukliberals says:

    Wisconsin Madison Liberals are the WORST form of SCUMBAG!! “FJB” !! F56K LIBERALS !!

  • Chris says:

    Watch your county officials, I know for a fact they trade conviscated alcohol for votes. I ve seen it with my own 2 eyes. They’ll do anything to get a vote, for their narritive. This happened in the 60’s. If that tells you anything about how long they’ve cheated and gotten away with it. The first time i find one of my county officials cheating. There want be a lawsuit. It’ll be handeled privatley. They can count on it. Damn theiving democrat Waste.

  • sheila says:

    How about we actually arrest and PROSECUTE every single person involved with this? Wisconsin has been in the grip of people just like this since they tried to have Scott Walker recalled (and they failed, because in reality, most Cheeseheads are conservative at heart other than the Liberal Students in Madison and of course “entitlement culture” that now controls the entire Milwaukee area) We all know that The useless chair holder Evers was falsified into office in the last election, and that these criminals will attempt to get that liberal cow with no real experience elected. That said, I don’t expect that anything will come of any of this though…WI is firmly in the control of the Left and they have no intention of allowing the actual Citizens of WI to make these decisions.

  • Wow, anyone who has a problem with multiple pronouns employed by certain people should really be triggered by the statutes cited above. How the hell are you suppose to know if you violate something with more in and outs than a maze. They can hide their corruption well into the next century, if we last that long!



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