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Memphis Drivers React to Being Stuck in Traffic Due to BLM Protest

Drivers who happened to be passing by on the street BLM protesters were marching on were not happy with the severe traffic jam the protest created in the aftermath of the city releasing video footage of black police officers beating a black man.

Tyre Nichols died three days later in the hospital. Videos of the incident showed Nichols being beaten by the officers.

All five officers were fired and have been charged with second-degree murder.

Each of the drivers who were interviewed by Townhall said they understood the anger and hurt the protesters were feeling but they were only trying to get home or do their job as a trucker.

“I’m glad the cops are locked up. And that needs to happen every single time,” truck driver Martin, a black man, said, adding he believes Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis has taken the right steps.

“Why block traffic though? Why block traffic? The cops are locked up. Not like they’re roaming free to do it to someone else,” he continued. “I totally understand but I just don’t understand why they’re blocking traffic, here anyway. Go to city hall or something like that.”

Protesters shut down the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, a key route needed by locals to get and from the two states. Both lanes were blocked for nearly three hours.

An immigrant from Indian, who did not want to on video out of fear for his safety, said he was trying to get to his family in Arkansas after going grocery shopping.

“My family, my kids, are waiting. I bought all my groceries…All gas is being wasted. I come once a month to buy, now it all could be wasted,” he said. “It’s not fair.

Memphis Police did not take action to remove the protesters from the bridge and the crowd eventually left on their own. When the group started to approach a line of squad cars, the officers drove away.

While the BLM crowd did not partake in any violence or destruction, at least one store was looted in east Memphis by a separate group.

  • Steve says:

    Cops would not clear the road and drove away from the crowd when approached?
    Failed to do their jobs.
    Ordered by management, the Chief of Police to run from doing their job?
    I look at the Police Management for failures all around.

  • EZ says:

    if i was in that 18 wheeler there would have been no such thing as blocked, I would have been making road pizza out of monkeys

  • EZ says:

    government always saying we dont need large capacity guns… i can think of situations where they come in handy

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Until they’re mowed down like the animals they are – NOTHING will change. This happened near where I live a few years ago, (on a bridge). I took the sidewalk, and they as they came toward my car veered directly into them. Most stayed clear. One ended up on my hood. I pointed the .45 right at his head, (through the windshield). He jumped off and started screaming “He’s got a gun!”. I should have used it. It would have been worth it.



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