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Medical Examiner Reveals 24-Year-Old Ex-Miami Football Player Died of a Heart Attack

A recent report from the Broward County Medical Examiner revealed that former Miami Hurricanes wide receiver Sam Bruce died of a heart attack earlier this year, as reported by TMZ Sports.

“The Broward County Medical Examiner released the report, obtained by TMZ Sports, which revealed the cause of the issue was coronary artery disease,” the news outlet reported.

According to Broward County Medical Examiner, Sam Bruce reportedly died of “natural causes.”

Back on April 28, 24-year-old Sam Bruce had a medical episode while driving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which led to a crash.

He was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead the following morning.

After Sam’s official cause of death was revealed, the internet reacted as follows: (The views and opinions that are shared on any social media platform are only representative of the views held by the user.)

  • Patriotb says:

    What did this person do that was so great…that would warrant him getting any type of coverage by a national news source… oh wait I forgot….he’s a football player…that makes him have weight with our opinions….not… How about saying . We lost another great individual last night..a police officer was shot and killed in Rochester NY. He was just doing g his job ..he didn’t have time to take a knee to protest what he thought was wrong with America. You could even show a picture of his hat. Like the one of the helmet of the football player who was really doing something important like catch a ball.

  • Natural causes? We know that’s BS. It was the clot shot.

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