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McDonald’s Worker Shares Shocking Breakfast Secrets: ‘They Won’t Tell Y’all This’

As messy McDonald’s whistleblowers are steadily on the rise, unveiling the once-classified secrets of the hallowed hamburger shack, a shocking new revelation has surfaced detailing how the fast-food brand’s breakfast fare is prepared.

And it‘s sure to get some Mickey D’s devotees heated up.

“Things that McDonald’s won’t tell y’all — y’all be getting folded eggs that comes already made,” spilled a professional patty-flipper named Shay, 20, a mother known virtually as @Blexican_Shay83, to a TikTok audience of over 238,000 viewers.

In the trending tell-all, the grub specialist gave followers an up-close look at the pre-packaged, processed morning bites that come wrapped in plastic rather than made fresh to order.

“Your pancakes,” continued Shay, who’s previously achieved viral glory for exposing the secrets of the Golden Arches in since-deleted clips, “they be made already.”


@blexican_shay83 #screammovie #VozDosCriadores we hit 4.5M 😩😭. #4million #viral #thingsyoudidntknow #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Blexican 💕✨

“They don’t do nothing but warm them up,” she added before pointing her camera at white bags full of the pre-made “burrito mix” that’s allegedly used to create the chow hut’s grab-and-go wraps.

And outraged onlookers were shocked by Shay’s exposé.

“…S – – t gets heated up and they charge anywhere for a combo $8 to 9 dollars everybody needs to stop going to the restaurants let me f – – king …” ranted a presumed commenter.

“Dang when I worked there (20 years ago) it was actual eggs made and folded there. And the round eggs. So sad,” chimed a stunned former McDonald’s employee.

“My dog will eat anything, but hashbrowns from McDonald’s she doesn’t think it’s food — So me either,” said another incensed cynic.

Shay’s jaw-dropping divulgence comes amid a recent string of surprising leaks from ex-Big Mac makers online.

In August, former McDonald’s executive chef Mike Haracz sent social media into a tizzy after revealing the “worst” time to patronize the restaurant. Even more shockingly, a separate fry cook for the famed eatery shined a spotlight on how much sugar is poured into its beloved iced tea.

Crestfallen fans were shaken to learn that the buzzy beverages are often concocted with two bags of the sweet stuff.

“I remember I took a sip and almost passed out,” one commentator said beneath the eye-popping post. “It was so f – – king sweet. It was like ten cans of diabetes.”

  • f says:

    Except grabbing a coffee one morning w/ a co-worker (back in 2003), I haven’t eaten at ANY fast food place since the early ’80’s, and even since graduating high school in ’69, it was only on rare occasion. I’m also not a fan of chain restaurants – ANY of them. I’ll walk into any bar/grill for the first time and get served a better meal than any of the aforementioned.

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